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Fresh Voices Screenplay Competitition Grand Prize Winner: A small country town in middle America is plagued by a mysterious humming sound that only a percentage of residents can hear...

NYC Midnight Screenwriter's Challenge

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By Anne Kruse.

Mild mannered Rose lives by the simple rule: never come between a woman, her dog, and her bingo. Unfortunately, there are rule-breakers and they will NOT be tolerated.

Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 12/14/2011; Updated: 03/02/2019)

By Karen Willoughby.

An unemployed seamstress is referred by a friend for a mysterious job not exactly in her line of work.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 07/04/2017; Updated: 07/08/2018)

By Anne Kruse.

When love drives up on Holloween night you've got to be open to anything.

Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 12/19/2011; Updated: 03/02/2019)