Sealed in Lies (adaptation)

Spy Romance adaptation of Kelly Abell's novel by request, once optioned. Ducking bullets, bombs and real Bastards, deep undercover CIA officer is exposed to a Colombian drug cartel leading him to a plot against the US government. Along with the beautiful wife of a US Senator and his ex-Special Forces mate, they uncover the mystery man behind the plot known only as, The Emperor.

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Ahriman was my first script was written in a special, eight person hand picked screenwriting class at my University, selected from the top students in playwriting classes.

I worked with Scorpio Pictures for two years in the late 90s as part of a "stable of writers". Due to personal issues, at the time I had to concentrate more on my day job. I adapted the paranormal romance novel, "Dark of kNight" for Author TL Mitchell at her request. This did well at WILDSound and is currently being shown around.

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