Twisted Fate

In a post-COVID world, a new pandemic caused by a prion is revealed to have been incubating unsuspected for twenty years. Attacking the brain cortex, the prion turns victims psychopathic. Now, the Gestapo-like US Health Services hunts "Psychs" testing positive, for incarceration on work farms. A young symptomless Psych flees with his girlfriend to a sanctuary in the Mojave --- that is not what it appears to be. The novel was showcased online in The Write Launch: recently showcased

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
a young Colin Farrell type
Elle Fanning
50ish man, avuncular but dangerous
In the Vein Of:
A Year of Living Dangerously
Andromeda Strain
The Day after tomorrow
Author Bio:
I'm a produced screenwriter. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English.

I wrote the feature film, Murder in Fashion, about the killing of designer Gianni Versace by serial killer Andrew Cunanan. The film played at theatres and festivals and was reviewed in the NY Times:

I collaborated with producer Don Murphy (Transformers, Natural Born Killers) on the script "Fast Fade" on the life of tragic film noir actress Barbra Payton.

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