Bound for Germany Town

In 1832 Virginia, after a wealthy black plantation owner’s family is killed, all his possessions stolen or burned, and he’s left for dead by racist outlaws, he’s bent on revenge until a German prophetess and two Christian women, who nurse him back to health during a miraculous road trip and try to stop him from confronting the cold-blooded murderer who’ll likely kill him.

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Author Bio:
I’m a screenwriter and producer who occasionally directs. I’ve been writing and producing for over twenty-five years.

My scripts feature characters of diverse ethnicities finding common ground and even love when they aren't necessarily looking for it.

In 1990, my dramedy screenplay, Blood Type, was optioned by Los Angeles director-producer, Joel Rosenzweig.

My feature, More Alive, about a sheltered coed who after making her first African American friend struggles to free herself of her white supremacist father and their alt right church, is in development.

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