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Fresh Voices Screenplay Competitition Grand Prize Winner: A small country town in middle America is plagued by a mysterious humming sound that only a percentage of residents can hear...

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By Russ Meyer.

A young woman haunted by lost memories falls in love with a mysterious, scientific-minded music professor, whose secret experiments help her recall her devastating past - but also start stealing memories of the present.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 03/16/2010; Updated: 02/14/2020)

By Steve Weissman.

Edged on by his incestuous sister-in-law, the president of a leading euthanasia group faces-off with his estranged anti-euthanasia daughter over the fate of his aged mother.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 04/03/2009; Updated: 05/06/2019)

By Maria Lennon.

A young teacher moves back into her hometown. An unknown stalker disrupts her life over and over and almost succeeds to kill her. The investigating officer and preacher's son turns out to be more than a protector of the law and her. "See Jane Run" is an adaptation of Gail Gaymer Martin's inspirational suspense titled "A Love for Safekeeping."

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 12/10/2013; Updated: 07/06/2019)

By Andrea Gibson.

A soldier tries to find his way back from the abyss as he tries to adjust to the civilian world. Cast out by society, he finds a way to put his skills to good use as a criminal organization threatens New York City.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 01/04/2020; Updated: 01/06/2020)

By Travis Heermann and Jim Pinto.

When a pioneer doctor uncovers a series of bizarre murders near an Indian reservation and army post, he must confront a mysterious tribe of sub-human cannibals to save his small prairie town from the cannibals' dark god, a bloodthirsty sentient tornado.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 06/03/2019; Updated: 06/03/2019)

By Pamela Hunt.

A promise made to her husband in Stalin's gulag pushes a ballet teacher to smuggle film of the atrocities to the West. With the help of an unexpected ally and the KGB in pursuit, will she succeed?

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 06/25/2004; Updated: 09/07/2019)

By Matthew Tolbert.

Four lifelong middle aged men deal with the challenges of starting over in employment, relationships, parenting and health when they are so close to reaching their goals.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 11/18/2013; Updated: 07/06/2019)

By Diane Johnson.

A second rate musician acquires a pawn shop guitar for free, then learns the price he must pay for taking it.

Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 08/22/2011; Updated: 05/05/2019)

By John J. Maffucci.

An American citizen of Hispanic descent suffering from a fatal disease is denied medical treatment from his HMO is prosecuted for medicaid fraud after he impersonates an illegal alien and receives the medical assistance that saves his life.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/13/2007; Updated: 02/20/2020)

By Keith Davidson.

A woman stuck in purgatory tries to win admission to heaven by returning to earth and saving an honest politician's soul by preventing him from committing a sin during a small-town election. When her devious ex-husband realizes he still loves her and wants her in Hell with him, he comes up to make sure the politician commits a sin. (It also won the CBC Arts Performance Showcase.)

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 02/07/2001; Updated: 01/04/2020)

By Michael Swiskay.

In a world where everybody's got something to sell, the African-American financial wizard who boldly navigates tacit racism and triumphs over scandal incited by a nasty Hedge Fund manager's response to economic collapse. while an Amsterdam Red-Light-District prostitute enchants him.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/15/2008; Updated: 01/06/2020)

By Mark Golik.

A fallen advertising executive finds redemption after an unlikely meeting with a mysterious man in a soup kitchen.

Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 07/17/2013; Updated: 09/08/2019)

By Robert Gately.

A mother's dim wit, a child's mischievous behavior, and a father's blasé attitude on child rearing clash in a harrowing experience that has the mother close to a nervous breakdown.

Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 01/19/2004; Updated: 05/04/2019)

By Arty Finkelstein & Andrew Garrett.

A young man is shoved violently, out of spite, into the U.S. Army at the height of the Vietnam War. They know he doesn’t belong-- and he’s finding all the wrong ways to get out.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 03/24/2013; Updated: 07/08/2019)

By Robert Tartell.

A snake's on the loose in Mike Turner's new home and his wife is really freaking out!!!

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 01/22/2020; Updated: 02/05/2020)

By Emil Faithe.

A retiring Beverly Hills Detective with a secret past is the only one who can foil an E.T. plan for global domination.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 01/01/2020; Updated: 01/30/2020)

By Emil Faithe.

A klutzy James Bond wannabe and an introverted bookworm join forces to save a Cruise Ship and a billion dollar cold cure from a watery demise.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/20/2019; Updated: 01/31/2020)

By Gina Ronhovde.

SUNNY, a teen runaway obsessed with a cult TV show, hitchhikes to Los Angeles for a fan convention and wins a trivia contest. Her prize is dinner with the star from the show, and an invitation to stay as a houseguest. Isolated in a mansion of the Hollywood Hills, Sunny slowly becomes tortured by evil forces with sinister motives as she uncovers horrifying secrets behind the scenes.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 09/13/2019; Updated: 09/20/2019)

By George Aggelidis.

A young woman decides to solve the mystery surrounding her beloved Grandpa’s sudden health decline and save him, a decision which brings her face to face with her worst fears.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 09/09/2019; Updated: 09/09/2019)

By Donahue B. Silvis.

A brawny, gun-fighting Irish marshal, Mart Duggan, is selected to tame the fast-growing, notoriously wild and depraved new boomtown of Leadville, Colorado in the 1870s.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/28/2019; Updated: 01/07/2020)

By Patty Wilson.

A wanna-be cop inherits the family business of body disposal for the mob but when she accidently gets rid of the wrong body, she's in danger when the mob wants the dead dude back.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/21/2019; Updated: 08/21/2019)

By Dallas Gibson.

A unit is wrongly disavowed by the Army for a mission gone awry. One man will take on the system to fight for those no longer here to fight for themselves.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 05/30/2019; Updated: 02/13/2020)

By Becky Harvey.

She wants romance. He just wants to get high. During their silver anniversary trip to Jamaica, full of stalker skinny-cats, nip slips, trips, falls, bearded fireworms, boogers, poop, tinkle accidents and of course adventures in weed, they might find both. Comedic hilarity ensues.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 04/12/2019; Updated: 12/31/2019)

By Timothy Swiney.

Based on a true story, a legal battle ensues in Georgia when a bigoted lawyer and a conservative judge try to prevent the adoption of two small children by their same-sex foster parents.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 04/01/2019; Updated: 04/01/2019)

By Christian Hearn.

Doctor Robert McCammon survives a bullet to the head only to wake up trapped in the trunk of his own car. Now speeding at eighty miles an hour towards an unknown destination with his would-be-killer behind the wheel, Robert must find out who wants him dead, and why. Speed meets Buried.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 03/06/2019; Updated: 03/06/2019)

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