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Screenplay Contest
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Vail Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Extended: 01/24/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Final: 01/27/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Your Script Produced! International Film/TV/Short Script Competition. Now Open For Submissions! $250,000.00 GRAND PRIZE!

Stage 32 Feature Drama Screenwriting Contest New!

Final: 01/29/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Stowe Story Labs

Late: 01/31/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

If you've entered any screenwriting contests, please submit a report card and/or comment evaluating your experience.

BIFF Montana Screenwriting Competition New!

Final: 02/02/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Sun Valley Film Festival/High Scribe Screenplay Competition

Extended: 02/03/2020
WSPro Discount: No

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SeriesFest Women Writing Competition

Late: 02/05/2020
WSPro Discount: No

New York Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition

Final: 02/06/2020
WSPro Discount: No

San Francisco International Screenwriting Competition

Final: 02/06/2020
WSPro Discount: No

WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award 2020

Final: 02/09/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Edinburgh Int'l Screenwriting Competition

Final: 02/20/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Toronto Metropolitan Int'l Screenwriting Competition

Final: 02/20/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

Final: 02/29/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Houston Comedy Film Festival

Final: 02/29/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest

Extended: 02/29/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

ScreenCraft Animation Screenwriting Competition New!

Final: 02/29/2020
WSPro Discount: No

WriteMovies Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest

Late: 03/01/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Horror Hotel International Film Festival

Final: 03/08/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Stage 32 Comedy Writing Contest

Final: 03/11/2020
WSPro Discount: No

BEYOND: The Cary Film Festival

Final: 03/13/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Film Invasion Los Angeles New!

Extended Deadline: 03/15/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Scriptation Showcase TV New!

Final: 03/15/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Faith in Film: International Screenwriting Competition

Final: 03/19/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Black Screenplays Matter

Final: 03/19/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

The Crime List

Extended: 03/19/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Save the Cat! Screenplay Challenge

Extended: 03/20/2020
WSPro Discount: $20.00

The Writers Lab

Extended: 03/25/2020
WSPro Discount: No

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LiveRead/LA Names Contest Winners

Updated: 01/17/2020

LiveRead/LA has named Natalie Higdon and Mads Gauger & Christan Mary Leonard as the winners of their next live read, to be held Monday, January 27th at 7.30pm at the Matrix Theatre in West Hollywood. MovieBytes readers are eligible for a $5 discount for the reading and the Q&A afterwards.


WinningScripts PRO Spotlight Script:
A burned out middle-age accountant and a young daredevil woman form an improbable alliance on a dangerous rescue-mission to Mexico. First Place, Screenplay Festival, 2017.
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Tracking Board Names Launch Pad Feature Finalists

Tracking Board has announced the 100 Finalists for the 2019 Launch Pad Feature Competition. [Updated: 01/16/2020]

People's Pilot Names Semifinalists

The People's Pilot has announced their 2019 Comedy and Drama Semifinalists. [Updated: 01/13/2020]

Scriptapalooza Launches New Website for Coverage Department

[Updated: 01/11/2020]

Which Screenplay Contests Should You Enter in 2020?

Screenwriting contests are not a one-size-fits-all affair. While there are obvious benefits to winning a huge and prestigious competition like the Nicholl Fellowships, smaller contests can be just as valuable if they hook you up with a judge who wants to option your screenplay, or a manager who wants to represent your work. [Updated: 12/31/2019]

Emerging Screenwriters Names Genre Contest Winners

Survivors: B.S. by Julia Skikavich has been named the winner of the 2019 Emerging Screenwriter Award, and 7 other writers have also been honored for genre-winning scripts. [Updated: 12/20/2019]

Launch Pad Names 2019 Pilot Competition Winners

Noah Kloor's Grand Illusions has been named the Overall Winner of the 2019 Launch Pad Pilot Competition for his period drama about a young factory worker longing to escape her difficult life who is drawn inexorably into the glamorous and dangerous world of a touring illusionist and his troupe. [Updated: 12/16/2019]

CineStory TV Announces First Round Contest Results

Cinestory TV has announced the quarterfinalists in their Original Drama, Comedy and Sci-Fi Categories, and the semifinalists in their Family category. The next round of results will be announced in mid-January. [Updated: 12/16/2019]

Your Script Produced Honors Contest Winners

Your script Produced! International Film/TV/Short Screenplay Competition inaugural 2019 Season 1 Awards Dinner in Beverly Hills, CA November 8, 2019.  Special guest in attendance, Justice Singleton, accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of her late/legendary father John Singleton. Your script Produced! International Film/TV/Short Screenplay Competition inaugural 2019 Season 1 Awards Dinner in Beverly Hills, CA November 8, 2019. [Updated: 12/05/2019]

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When a wealthy businessman and a waitress (each with an eight year old daughter) get married, they think they have the perfect family-unaware that their two darling angels are actually little menaces.
Author: Mandy Gales
Genre: Comedy,Family

RUBERT BECOMES: Existentialism for Dummies

RUBERT BECOMES: Existentialism for Dummies An animated existential story of a pink Irish ogre, RUBERT, discovering his origin and creators in an animation studio.
Author: David J Schroeder
Genre: Drama,Fantasy,Animation


A lost nuclear bomb is found on a stranded ship heading for the Gulf of Mexico.
Author: David J Schroeder
Genre: Drama,Thriller,Action-Adventure


Larry David has a hard time being smart without being an ass. A traffic violation leads Larry David to traffic court and community service as a traffic cross walk guard. Meanwhile, the hybrid car maybe a silent killer, and Jeff Green is losing weight while getting Rolf-ed. Winner of 8 'Best Screenplay' awards.
Author: David J Schroeder
Genre: Drama,Comedy,Urban


When a catastrophic accident causes an athlete to become paralyzed, and all seems to be lost, he finds redemption in the most unlikely place, with a gaggle of colorful characters in a halfway house for the mentally disabled. Winner of 19 'Best Screenplay' awards. Previously #1 on the feature Drama & Family 'Winning Lists.'
Author: David J Schroeder
Genre: Drama,Comedy,Family


LOG LINE: A young girl begins her life as an Asian martial arts Mensa chick in search of the American Dream. SYNOPSIS: Lana Liu, disguised as a boy, enters a Chinese martial arts academy, only to be discovered. She fights to support her grandmother, and begin her journey to the home of her father, the USA. Winner of 6 'Best Screenplay' awards.
Author: David J Schroeder
Genre: Drama,Family,Animation

Forever After

A retiring Beverly Hills Detective with a secret past is the only one who can foil an E.T. plan for global domination.
Author: Emil Faithe
Genre: Thriller,Sci-Fi,Supernatural


This one is pure Fun.!It's a genre buster, Fosse/Verdon meets James Bond, meets All That Jazz and Cabaret! Asian American Black Belt goes undercover for the CIA, to help track down terrorists. Oh, and did I mention she’s the Lead in a Broadway Musical? This is very musical, but there’s a lot of action! This one is getting a lot of attention right now! The main Characters reside in New York, they are part of an international terrorist group.
Author: Janet Caulfield
Genre: Drama,Romantic Comedy,Thriller


Kids and their dogs, find the rainbow bridge in a snowstorm. They teleport, fly, zoom through tunnels, and levitate, around this heaven-like universe.They have a lot of fun, but get a few surprises along the way, from messages, and musical communication with angels and a run in with a demon. They meet up with their recently departed Grandfather, and his dog, who helps them return home.
Author: janet caulfield
Genre: Fantasy,Supernatural,Animation


It's not your mother's buddy movie. It's a combo meal. It’s a little bit of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Social Network with a side of Taken. Experienced FBI Agent hires and befriends an internet entrepreneur to help rescue a six year old girl taken hostage in a fall out shelter by a ruthless psychopath. Winner LA film fest Best scene 2017.
Author: Janet Caulfield
Genre: Drama,Thriller,Action-Adventure

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