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New York International Screenplay Awards

extended deadline: 04/10/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Scriptapalooza Features & Shorts Competition

Final: 04/13/2020
WSPro Discount: No

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Scriptapalooza TV Writing Competition

Final: 04/13/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Scriptapalooza Fellowship

Final: 04/13/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Your Script Produced! International Film/TV/Short Script Competition. Now Open For Submissions! $250,000.00 GRAND PRIZE!

Seattle International Screenwriting Honors

Final: 04/14/2020
WSPro Discount: $15.00

West Hollywood New Media and Screenplay Competition

Final: 04/14/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

If you've entered any screenwriting contests, please submit a report card and/or comment evaluating your experience.

Stage to Screen Romantic Comedy Script Contest New!

Final: 04/14/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest

Extended: 04/18/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

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CineStory Foundation Feature Retreat and Fellowship

Extended: 04/19/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

2020 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

Final: 04/20/2020
WSPro Discount: No

The Writers Lab

Extended: 04/22/2020
WSPro Discount: No

True Story Screenplay Competition

Extended: 04/22/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Stage 32 Microbudget Horror Script Contest New!

Final: 04/22/2020
WSPro Discount: No

SENE Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Regular: 04/24/2020
WSPro Discount: No Original TV Pilot Contest

Really Late: 04/27/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Final: 04/27/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Humanitas New Voices

Extended: 04/30/2020
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft Comedy Screenwriting Competition

Final: 04/30/2020
WSPro Discount: No

StoryPros Awards Contest

Final: 04/30/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

CI 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge New!

Final: 04/30/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Florida Short Script Challenge

Final: 04/30/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

Late: 05/01/2020
WSPro Discount: No

CBS Diversity Institute

Final: 05/01/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Shore Scripts - Short Film Fund

Final: 05/02/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Launch Pad Pilots Competition

Final: 05/08/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Creative World Awards

Extended: 05/14/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Austin Film Festival Script Competition

Final for Features, Teleplays, and Shorts: 05/15/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition

Final: 05/15/2020
WSPro Discount: No

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival

Late: 05/15/2020
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Holly Weird Film Festival Screenplay Contest

Final Late: 05/15/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Diversity Film & Script Showcase

Extended: 05/19/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest

Final: 05/20/2020
WSPro Discount: No

CDR Smyth Alien Slayer New!

Final: 05/20/2020
WSPro Discount: No

HollyShorts Screenplay Contest

Extended: 05/22/2020
WSPro Discount: $15.00

Page Turner Screenplays - Faith Based Features & TV Pilots New!

Extended: 05/25/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Near Nazareth Festival

Final: 05/28/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competition

Extended: 05/30/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Warner Bros. Writers Workshop

: 05/31/2020
WSPro Discount: No

NBC Writers on the Verge

Final: 05/31/2020
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

Final: 05/31/2020
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft Public Domain Screenwriting Competition

Final: 05/31/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Circa Historical Screenplay Competition

Extended: 06/01/2020
WSPro Discount: No

Page Turner Screenplays - Feature & Pilot New!

Final: 06/01/2020
WSPro Discount: No


Last Minute: 06/05/2020
WSPro Discount: $10.00

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Fast Track Names Semifinalists

Updated: 03/26/2020

The International Screenwriters’ Association has announced their 2020 Fast Track XI semifinalists.


WinningScripts PRO Spotlight Script:
A burned out middle-age accountant and a young daredevil woman form an improbable alliance on a dangerous rescue-mission to Mexico. First Place, Screenplay Festival, 2017.
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Roadmap Writers Names Top Tier Competition Winner

Roadmap Writers has named Joey Day Hargrove as the winner of their 2019/2020 Top Tier Competition for her script, Sunny & Hyde. [Updated: 04/01/2020]

Launch Pad Feature Names Contest Winners

Alex Payne's Deepfake has been name the overall winner of the 2019 Launch Pad Feature Screenwriting Competition. [Updated: 03/26/2020]

BlueCat Names Quarterfinalists

The BlueCat Screenwriting Competition has announced their 2020 Feature, TV Pilot, and Short Script quarterfinalists. Semifinalists will be announced on April 14th, 2020. [Updated: 03/17/2020]

LiveRead/LA Names March Selections

Tony Cammarata and Dillon Magrann-Wells have been announced as the March Selections for LiveRead/LA, which this month - due to the Covid-19 virus - will feature a March 23rd "closed" reading with Industry Insider Sean Woods. [Updated: 03/13/2020]

Killer Shorts Names 2020 Contest Finalists & Winners

Allen Roughton has been named the 1st Place Winner of The Killer Shorts Horror Short Screenplay Competition for his short script AN APPLE A DAY. CJ Whitehead has been named the 2nd Place Winner for THE NO-NO MAN, and Chris Hicks has been named the 3rd Place Winner for THE BUTTER STREET HITCHHIKER. [Updated: 03/13/2020]

Scriptapalooza TV Announces Script Requests

Scriptapalooza has anounced a list of producers/managers who will review the contest's 12 winners and 12 finalists. [Updated: 03/10/2020]

On Story Premieres 10th Season on PBS

Austin Film Festival (AFF) has announced that its original interview series, Austin Film Festival's On Story®, will premiere its 10th season nationwide in April 2020 on public television stations across the country. Available in more than 85% of U.S. markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Houston, On Story gives viewers an inside look at the creative process behind some of our most popular and beloved movies and television shows. Season 10 features recorded conversations between acclaimed and award-winning screenwriters, TV creators, and filmmakers from the 26th Annual Austin Film Festival & Conference. [Updated: 03/03/2020]

Killer Short Names Contest Semifinalists

The Killer Shorts Horror Short Screenplay Competition has announced their 2020 Semi-Finalists, representing approximately the top 5% of all submissions. [Updated: 03/01/2020]

Emerging Screenwriters Names Shoot Your Sizzle Winners

No Overnight Parking by Megan Swertlow has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2020 Shoot Your Sizzle Screenwriting Competition. [Updated: 02/25/2020]

Scriptapalooza Posts Video Interviews with TV Contest Winners & Finalists

Scriptapalooza TV has posted video interviews with a number of their 2020 TV contest winners and finalists. [Updated: 02/22/2020]

Your Script Produced Names Contest Winners & New Judges in Hollywood Reporter

The Your Script Produced Screenwriting Contest has announced their second season judges in a two-page spread in the Hollywood Reporter. [Updated: 02/20/2020]

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Kingbird and Franklin

He tamed the heavens with his discoveries and inventions; enlightened the world with his reason and wit; but Franklin's crowning achievement was fostering a revolutionary legacy called Kingbird. VERY BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The untold 18th century tale of the Philadelphia Franklins, and their struggle to forge an enduring American republic, as the family's revolutionary legacy passes contentiously from patriarch, Ben Franklin, to his namesake grandson.
Author: Don Adams
Genre: Biography


What happens when the vacuum cleaner quits; dust grows, developing limbs, speech, manners; and so Julie battles to save her sanity, and her home from a pair of six foot fuzz balls.
Author: Russell Meyer
Genre: Comedy,Fantasy


The sole survivor of a serial killer, tortured by visions of her ordeal, decides to conduct her own investigation only to realize that her former captor, whom she thought dead, might still be alive and after her.
Author: Kris Lippert
Genre: Thriller,Horror,LGBTQ

Edna May

Edna May is the retelling of the classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Only this time is about the richest woman in Manhattan, Edna May Scrooge. This tale of the Christmas Ghosts that visit Scrooge on Christmas Eve has a twist, a contemporary story with a female Scrooge. She holds true to the character of Scrooge but it is the modern twist that gives the story a new flavor to the classic story.
Author: Byron Snyder
Genre: Fantasy,Family,Supernatural

The Calvary Incident

Green Berets and Marines time-jump to save the 21st century from obliteration by killing a rogue SEAL team bent on rescuing Jesus from the Cross and inadvertently upending history with catastrophic results.
Author: James Sladack
Genre: Action-Adventure,Sci-Fi,Historical


After her parents are murdered, the last dragon whisperer — a 16 yr old grieving teenager named Luana — goes on an epic quest to avenge their deaths and rescue her village from blood-thirsty banshees.
Author: Danielle Erlich
Genre: Action-Adventure,Fantasy,Supernatural


A coming of age story about a boy in Ireland named Lachlan who finds himself in a magical world he never knew existed. Kyros, Lachlan’s father, abandoned his son as a young child, and never saw him again. Now Lachlan must deal with the resentment that he feels towards his father while attempting to rescue him on an epic journey.
Author: Danielle R Erlich
Genre: Action-Adventure,Fantasy,Supernatural


This one is pure Fun.!It's a genre buster, Fosse/Verdon meets James Bond, meets All That Jazz and Cabaret! Asian American Black Belt goes undercover for the CIA, to help track down terrorists. Oh, and did I mention she’s the Lead in a Broadway Musical? This is very musical, but there’s a lot of action! This one is getting a lot of attention right now! The main Characters reside in New York, they are part of an international terrorist group.
Author: Janet Caulfield
Genre: Drama,Romantic Comedy,Thriller


*** Russian astronaut, thrown out of the space program, hijacks a space taxi going to the International Space Station. An intergalactic, time warp, adventure to the future.
Author: janet caulfield
Genre: Thriller,Action-Adventure,Sci-Fi


It's not your mother's buddy movie. It's a combo meal. It’s a little bit of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Social Network with a side of Taken. Experienced FBI Agent hires and befriends an internet entrepreneur to help rescue a six year old girl taken hostage in a fall out shelter by a ruthless psychopath. Winner LA film fest Best scene 2017.
Author: Janet Caulfield
Genre: Drama,Thriller,Action-Adventure

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