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Feedback Your contest offers feedback to each contestant.
Regional Your contest is for regional authors, or is restricted to regional settings.
Workshop Your contest is part of a workshop or script reading program.
Festival Your contest is part of a Film Festival.
Students Your contest is restricted to students only, or has a special category for students only.
TV Your contest accepts television scripts.
ProdCo You are a production company.
International Your script is based in a country other than the United States, or accepts screenplays in languages other than English.
Free Your contest has no entry fee.
Monthly Your contest is offered every month, or even more frequently than that.
Online Your contest accepts entries via email or website submission.
Short Your contest accepts short screenplays.
Consultants You are a screenwriting consultant.
Minority Your contest is restricted to minority authors or protagonists.
Production Your contest guarantees that your winning screenplay will be produced.
Adaptations Your contest accepts adaptations.
Christian Your contest encourages Christian themes or values.

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