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John Oliver Addresses the “Weirder” 2024 Commencements, From Robot Speakers to Awful Name Pronunciations (Hollywood Reporter, 05/20/2024) New!
China Box Office: ‘The Last Frenzy’ Returns to Top Spot as Theatrical Momentum Slows (Variety, 05/20/2024) New!
‘Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Trolls Donald Trump After Claims Of Coming Up With “New Couple Of Words For Corn” (Deadline, 05/20/2024) New!
Julia Louis-Dreyfus “Loved Everything About” ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Finale ‘Seinfeld’ Callback (Hollywood Reporter, 05/20/2024) New!
Katy Perry Sheds Tears As She Says Goodbye To ‘American Idol’ After Seven Seasons (Deadline, 05/20/2024) New!
Carson Lund Pitches ‘Eephus’ as a Universal Tale on Change, Aging and Loss (Variety, 05/20/2024) New!
‘Interview with the Vampire’: A Guide to the Theatres des Vampires (IndieWire, 05/20/2024) New!
Richard Linklater on Upcoming Movie ‘Nouvelle Vague’: ‘It Reminded Me a Lot About Making My First Film’ (IndieWire, 05/19/2024) New!
15 Animated Movies That Will Teach You Better Screenwriting (ScreenCraft, 05/17/2024) New!
5 Storytelling Lessons From the Late Roger Corman (ScreenCraft, 05/15/2024) New!
2024 ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition Winners (ScreenCraft, 05/15/2024) New!
2024 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalists (ScreenCraft, 05/15/2024) New!
10 of the Most Dangerous Femme Fatales in Cinema (The Script Lab, 05/15/2024) New!
Alumni Blog: Mac Kammerer (Austin, 05/14/2024) New!
Navigating Fate and Fears: 5 Lessons from 'Tarot' Creators (ScreenCraft, 05/14/2024) New!
Ghost Ranch Blog: Meg Swertlow (Austin, 05/13/2024) New!
Maternal Masterpieces: Powerful Portrayals of Motherhood in Movies (The Script Lab, 05/13/2024) New!
10 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time (The Script Lab, 05/10/2024)
Alumni Blog: Ryan Ederer (Austin, 05/08/2024)
Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Films That Capture the Spirit of Adventure (The Script Lab, 05/06/2024)
2024 TSL Free Screenplay Contest Semifinalists (The Script Lab, 05/03/2024)
A Conversation with Cameron Kelly; The Filmmaker Behind What the Elf? (Austin, 05/03/2024)
2024 Screenplay Competition Semifinalist Judge Announcements (Austin, 05/01/2024)
The Austin Film Festival’s 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2024 (MovieMaker, 04/23/2024)
Director Sam Fox on Embracing Your Inner Weirdo (MovieMaker, 10/30/2023)
Ernest Anemone’s ‘Family Affair’ is a Short With Sitcom Overtones – Stay Tuned (MovieMaker, 06/30/2023)
AIR Writer on the True Story of Discovering Michael Jordan’s (and Sonny Vaccaro’s) Brilliance (MovieMaker, 05/12/2023)
Watch the Charlie Kaufman WGA Awards Speech: ‘I Have Wasted Years Seeking the Approval of People with Money’ (Video) (MovieMaker, 03/06/2023)

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