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Screenplay Contest
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Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 09/29/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Other Worlds Austin SciFi Screenwriting Contest

Final Deadline: 09/30/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

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Hammond House Screenplay Competition New!

Final Deadline: 09/30/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Women in Film & Television Vancouver

Final Deadline: 10/01/2017
WSPro Discount: No

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WriteMovies Summer 2017 Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 10/01/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Screenplay Festival

Final Deadline: 10/01/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Little Screenwriters Competition

Final Deadline: 10/03/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Stories and Pilots New!

Final Deadline: 10/05/2017
WSPro Discount: No Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 10/09/2017
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Script Contest

Final Deadline: 10/11/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Script Pipeline First Look Project

Final Deadline: 10/15/2017
WSPro Discount: No

National Screenwriters Day Screenwriting Competition New!

Final Deadline: 10/15/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Diverse Voices presented by WeScreenplay

Final Deadline: 10/15/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Scriptapalooza TV Writing Competition

Final Deadline: 10/16/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Athena Iris Lab New!

Final Deadline: 10/30/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards New!

Final Deadline: 10/31/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays

Final Deadline: 10/31/2017
WSPro Discount: No

StoryPros International Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 10/31/2017
WSPro Discount: $10.00

TVWriter.Com People's Pilot

Final Deadline: 11/01/2017
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Richmond International Film Festival (Screenplays & Films)

Final Deadline: 11/01/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Cinequest Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 11/03/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

IndieBOOM! Festival New!

Final Deadline: 11/03/2017
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Coverage Ink's Get Repped Now New!

Final Deadline: 11/05/2017
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Universal Writers Program

Final Deadline: 11/06/2017
WSPro Discount: No

CineStory TV/Digital Retreat & Fellowship

Final Deadline: 11/06/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 11/07/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00 Film & Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 11/10/2017
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Film Independent Screenwriting Lab

Final Deadline: 11/13/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Women's Film & Script Showcase

Final Deadline: 11/15/2017
WSPro Discount: No

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Roadmap Writers Names Wise Words Finalists

Updated: 09/20/2017

Roadmap Writers has announced the Top 30 TV and the Top 30 Feature Finalists from more than 2,000 submissions to their 1st Annual "Wise Words" Writing Contest.

WinningScripts PRO Spotlight Script:
A tortured, tattooed albino returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him, and face the man he fears the most. His father. 1st Place Horror, Table Read My Screenplay Contest, 2015.
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Scriptapalooza Names Fellowship Winner

Natasha Paris has been named the 2017 Scriptapalooza Fellowship Winner for her script, The Zodiac Dater. [Updated: 09/19/2017]

BlueCat Screenplay Competition Announces 2017 Winners

Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho's screenplay, CADAVER DOG, has been selected as the winner of the 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition. Their script was selected from 3,273 submissions and will be awarded a $10,000 cash prize. [Updated: 09/18/2017]

Meet the 2017 CineStory Winners

Meet the 2017 CineStory Fellowship Winner Angelina Karpovich, and Second Place Finishers Mark Price and James Walker. [Updated: 09/16/2017]

Austin Fest Names 2017 Screenplay Semifinalists

The Austin Film Festival has announced their 2017 Screenplay Semifinalists in all genres and categories. [Updated: 09/15/2017]

Page Names 2017 Finalists

The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition has announced the Top 10 finalists in each their genre categories. [Updated: 09/15/2017]

The God Machine by Michael Bowler wins Scriptapalooza Contest

The God Machine, by Michael Bowler, has been named the $10,000 Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition. The 2nd Place Winner was The Regulars by Devon Colwell, while 3rd Place went to Spirit Lake by Alison Macinni. [Updated: 09/13/2017]

Contest of Contest Winners Announces Results

Michael Angelo Colgan has been named the winner of the 2017 Contest of Contest winners for his screenplay, Crayons. [Updated: 09/10/2017]

CineStory Names Fellowship Winner

CineStory has named Angelina Karpovich as their 2017 Feature Fellowship Winner for her screenplay, Eggshells. [Updated: 09/09/2017]

Scriptapalooza Names Short Screenplay Contest Winner

Shorty by Jeremy Grant has been named the winner of the 2017 Scriptapalooza Short Screenplay Contest. [Updated: 09/09/2017]

WILDsound Names August, 2017 Contest Winners

[Updated: 09/06/2017]

Burning Love Names Screenplay Contest Winners

Aurora by Travis Opgenorth has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the Burning Love Screenplay Competition. [Updated: 09/05/2017]

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The Harlem Story

A creative R&B musical and love story involving childhood friends and gifted singers from the South; and while one becomes successful, her partner and lover suffers but overcomes wrongful imprisonment, a lack of desire to sing again, and mean-spirited entities in New York City
Author: Danny Holst
Genre: Action-Adventure

Ya Gotta Break A Few Eggs...

A reckless teenager with an uncanny ability to heal endangers his buddy and infuriates his dad with a thoughtless stunt and must prove he can at last think of others.
Author: William Parsons
Genre: Drama

Teenage Bodyguard Or Slipping "the Enterprise"

When a naive but savvy young man in 1974 is asked by a more experienced woman if he would spend a week with her, he agrees, then realizes she is wanted by the Carbone crime family for witnessing a murder at their strip club where she was a waitress… and more. While most eighteen year olds in 1974 were dating or going to high school Gordie H. was protecting a murder witness and ex-waitress at Tacoma's first topless club from its murderous owners.
Author: JZ Murdock
Genre: Drama,Thriller,Biography

The Days Of Futures Past

Adam Moran thinks he's dreaming, but his dreams are more like memories from the past. Through soul travel, he journeys back through time to discover the meaning of life and death.
Author: Ira May
Genre: Drama

Tippy The Elf

An awkward elf becomes an unlikely hero when he is accidentally left behind on Christmas Eve and encounters the vile Santa Glum stealing Santa’s gifts who has now kidnapped Mrs. Claus and with her the power to ruin Christmas.
Author: William Sikorski Jr. & William Sikorski III
Genre: Fantasy,Family,Animation

The Land Of Oz-zoo

An awkward teen becomes an unlikely hero when she befriends a cat from a magical dimension that is being destroyed by an all-consuming blackness that is about to invade her world too.
Author: William Sikorski Jr. & William Sikorski III
Genre: Action-Adventure,Family,Animation


When a troubled girl's visions of her high school classmates' murders start coming true, she suspects her father is the killer.
Author: Danny Howell
Genre: Horror

Me & Jackie

Simon is a hermit in a Baltimore impound lot, which he hasn 't left in over 10 years. He relies on others to bring him groceries and give him haircuts. His prized posession is a mitt signed by his friend Jackie Robinson. A neighborhoid boy that he befriends is curious to know the reason why Simon never leaves the lot. What will Simon tell him ?
Author: Justine Cowan
Genre: Drama,Family,Sports

Harm For The Holidays

After his brother attempts suicide a few weeks before Christmas, an unrepentant asshole with a heart of gold moves back in with his comically dysfunctional family to help his brother, only to discover that his brother is the sanest of them all [OPTIONED].
Author: Jonathan LaPoma
Genre: Drama,Comedy,GLBT

Curious Buddies

*** A veteran FBI Agent hires and develops a surprising bond with a young internet entrepreneur when he seeks his expertise in a week long rescue of a six year old girl taken hostage in a fall out shelter by a ruthless psychopath. Rewrite. It's a combo meal. The Nice Guys meets The Social Network with a side of Taken.
Author: Janet Caulfield
Genre: Drama,Thriller,Action-Adventure

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