Misfortune Cookies

Accidentally killing an elderly Chinese chef during a botched robbery, an oafish redneck teenager and her misfit friends begin dying one by one when the chef's ghost returns from the grave, killing them in gruesome fortune cookie-themed ways.

An hour later, you'll be hungry... or dead!

Teenager Pansy Cartwright lives in a small Southern town, and she hates it. Her only solace is fishing, but since her outboard motor died, she's been stuck on dry land. She has a plan, however, to get the cash to get back on the water: rob the local Chinese restaurant.

But when Pansy and her misfit pack of semi-friends break in, they discover the owner, Wi-Chang, infusing his fortune cookies with black Chinese magic to make them irresistible. Panicking, Pansy accidentally shoots Wi-Chang dead. The kids are shocked, but they still find the courage to grab the money and run.

Their illegal victory is short-lived, however, for in the days that follow, the teenagers begin dying in violent, brutal ways that eerily parallel the fortunes they obtained from cookies stolen on the night of the murder. All the evidence points to one inescapable conclusion...

...Wi-Chang has come back from the grave to exact his revenge.

As Pansy becomes more paranoid, and the local sheriff closes in on her, can she hang on to her ill-gotten gains... and her life?

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In the Vein Of:
Final Destination
Urban Legend
Friday The 13th
Author Bio:
Hailing from the wilds of North Carolina, Don spent his formative years drawing his own comic books, and crafting galaxy-spanning sagas with his homemade toys. After a lengthy detour with a career in the software industry, Don decided to dust off his artistic dreams and get back to creating. He became an editor in Hollywood, working on low-budget horror movies and award-winning documentaries. But after time spent playing with other peoples' toys, Don decided to craft his own, and transfer the stories in his head to the written page.

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Contest Results:
Cinequest (Finalist, Screenwriting Competition) [2019]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2019]
Screamfest (Finalist) [2019]
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