The Meat Eaters

A fast food manager must lose his virginity to join a cult addicted to eating a powerful aphrodisiac -- a "living meat" that won't stay on the plate.

Paul is 19, a college freshman, and a virgin. He manages a fast food place staffed by zoned out slackers. Paul is besotted by a new employee, Mary, who (unbeknownst to Paul) is a member of a cult of "living meat" eaters. If they trick a virgin into eating the strange meat and have sex with them within 24 hours, a new meat eater is born.

Unfortunately for Paul, Mary is in charge of recruitment. She manages to get Paul to swallow the meat, but coitus interruptus has prevented her from completing Paul's induction. Paul goes missing; and a race ensues between Mary and Paul's slacker friends (who have discovered the meat eaters' plot), who embark on a mission to stop Mary from consummating her relationship.

Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Animal House

Contest Results:
American Screenwriting (Finalist, 2019) [2019]
Portland Comedy Fest (Finalist, 2019) [2019]
Austin After Dark (Finalist, 2019) [2019]
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