Doors of Miracles

Fighting fear - the Doors to God's Miracles are flung open wide transcending a young woman into the Universe to return with supernatural powers - miracles - and - God speaks.?

Higher Purpose Entertainment - Brad Wilson: "Very interesting story made even more interesting by the fact that it's based on a true story. Miracles DO happen and this story proves it. The story is fresh and has twists and turns not expected. Especially the end." Angela Cussons is a young girl who wants to be a Nun. Each night she reads her Bible until all hours of the morning and to her father's concern. When no message is received 'calling' her, sadly she resolves to marrying, unaware, Jack Symes is God chosen and becomes, the love-of-her-life. They have two children. When Government Legislation passed is adverse the nation's inhabitants, Angela advertises a Rally and twice during preparation of her Speech she gives thanks to God, each time triggering a 'disaster'. A third occasion. This time she hesitates. Then, trembling with fear she thanks Him. The sky opens and Light pours down to the pit of her stomach, fills the room and projects her out to its source. She's turned to float slowly back through the Universe with Earth before her. "How beautiful...” She passes two blank-paged books floating among the stars. "Wonder what they’re doing out here?... " Back in the spot from which she was projected, The Light and Aura remain filling every nook and cranny. And, as if in a bubble, her feet are about six inches off the ground. She's ‘safe’. Nothing can penetrate the bubble to harm her. But she feels selfish in this protection and commences what she describes as "Breaking of the Chain of Light’ ." Unaware, only the Giver of The Light can sever it. Although now susceptible to attack, the Miracles continue in the healing her dad’s stroke and disappearance of her mum’s cancer (although her mum had sufficient faith to heal herself). But she is unable to save her beloved, Jack. She understands Pete (the mouse) and Coco the rabbit when they speak to her. Her mum is visiting. Angela gives up her bed and God comes. Close to her face He speaks her name... "Angela". She struggles to respond. She can't get her voice to project her response. Then, from behind her head The Holy Spirit speaks for her, “Yes Lord Anything.” Angela writes a book which some claim "heals". Her dad already passed, her mum passes to The Lord. Angela's childhood dream to become a Nun and do God's work becomes a reality albeit in reverse. God gave her His work to do before becoming a Nun so that she can reveal the secret, to the opening of the Doors, to God's Miracles.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Mary Beth McDonough
Meryl Streep
Sam Neill
In the Vein Of:
The Nun's Story
Touched by an Angel
Highway to Heaven
Author Bio: Screenwriter: 6 Feature Award-winning Scripts and 2 Short Screenplays Author: non-fiction (4) books - Amazon "Best Seller" 2020 Publisher/Editor: 'Profiler' Magazine distributed nationally by the Packer network - NSC and Gordon & Gotch through newsagencies Poet: AllPoetry - 6 poems Wildsound - Top 100 2021 - Marquis "Who's Who" Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 - Marquis "Who's Who" Lifetime Achievement Award Screenwriting Awards: 2021 Oaxaca International Film Festival 11 - Finalist - "And The Devil called!" 2021 Oaxaca PitchFest - Official Selection - "Doors of Miracles!" 2020 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - Six (6) in the Top 10 of their genre 2019 - L.

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Contest Results:
Christian Screenplay (First Place, Best Script, Best Writer, Fan ) [2017]
Wildsound (First Place, Best of MOTIVATIONAL/INSPIRATI) [2017] (Finalist, God Country Family Christian) [2018]
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