Kidnappers Beware

A tough mercenary hunts the predatory slave trader who has snatched his young nephew. The boy's ex S.A.S. mum joins in the chase. (High Concept)

Ex S.A.S. mercenary, Baxter, is asked to help when his nephew Dan 13 is kidnapped by Wazim, disguised as a street sweeper, Fadwell’s “collector” . Once shipped overseas to become a dancing boy for Afghans, or slave for Africans, he may be lost forever. His mother, Jenny, is distraught, not knowing where to start looking. The police are too busy, taken up with murders. An old woman has noted down Wazim’s car number as he surprisingly departs. This leads Baxter to a rich trader. Max Fadwell runs a profitable trade supplying youngsters to a wide market. Body parts, slavery or worse await the victims. Fadwell has a country mansion, Brands Hall, where he keeps his children, groomed by a brutal fellow, Blunt, until sent to their new owners. Impetuous Baxter enters the building to discover its lay-out and any boys. He is captured and imprisoned in a cell, from which he escapes. Jenny breaks into Brands Hall, beats up Fadwell and escapes, having found where the boy is heading. Simon travels by yacht, captained by sympathetic Abdi, but controlled by Wazim, to Algeria. Simon causes panic when he climbs the mast and threatens to jump overboard in rough weather rather than face a life of slavery. Abdi talks him down. Wazim lands with the boy and is collected from a deserted shore by Georgette, Fadwell’s enforcer. On a dusty desert route, Wazim tries His luck with Simon and Georgette, disappears into darkness with Wazim. Simon is made to help dig Wazim’s grave. Baxter and his mates follow a trail to an Arab Sheik`s fort in Algeria and after a fire fight, rescue Simon just in time to save him from a pervert. Jenny arrives to save the day. At sea, Johnny tries to sell Simon to the Sheik. Baxter arrives to find Simon fighting back. Baxter returns the boy to Jenny in an emotional scene. Simon is captured as he sleeps by Fadwell. About to drive off, in the passenger seat is Jenny with pistol in his face. She kneecaps Fadwell. Simon is safe once more.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
12 year old boy
Angelina Jolie
Liam Neeson
In the Vein Of:
Author Bio:
Teacher of English and Maths. Ex soldier British army. Father of three. Writer & Producer of Fight Back, Teen, Action on Youtube. Writer & Producer of Young Escapers, 12+