An explosion rocks the corporate world when a blonde bombshell in stainless steel collides with the nation's most powerful man unleashing the relentless tiger within and with razor-sharp toothed pen sends him into oblivion.

The Black List: 'UNTOUCHABLE! is an ambitious film noir with strong crime, mystery and dramatic elements that explores themes of trust, betrayal, ambition and greed in a modern setting.'

John Jacobs is CEO of the Eldon Group and head of the ruling government political party. He exploits government departments, steals, bribes and conceals his criminal works whilst flaunting his power and wealth. Feared by all, except Joanne ("Jo") Pane. Jo is the nation's most successful businesswoman, creator and head of the nation's largest stainless steel manufacturing organisation. She’s tough, single-minded, fast-talking, honest and courageous. Jacobs sets about to defraud Jo - at his peril having total disregard for the qualities required to achieve her status. Lawyer Pat Deavin, is holder of the key to the vault of Jo’s empire. He's an addict. Addicted to disposing of Jo's wealth. He creates a web of betrayal, lies and deceit as all the perpetrators are handsomely paid with the money Jacobs has extorted from Jo. Unaware of the disaster afoot, Jo continues to build her empire and signs a 15 year multi-billion dollar Joint-Venture Contract with China which serves as dessert for the criminal raider. It was so easy. Greed, was the common denominator. A half-smile as they pass in the First Class Airport Lounge. Jo is oblivious of his plans to "get her" which bear, not only fruit, but a whole orchard. But Jacobs wants more! His lust for her drives him crazy. But greed, is paramount. Jo’s assets dispersed by Deavin need to be ‘legalized’. Jacobs leaves no stone unturned. Her Legal Team must be bought. A charade is played out with Jo working in her Barristers' Chambers preparing evidence they never intend to hand up whilst they're 'double-dipping'. The betrayal is well-veiled. A Courtroom drama erupts - fictitious bank accounts, collusion, forgery - a water-tight case sealed with perjury. The Hearing was set down for six weeks. But her criminal legal team never intended for it to go longer than a day and a half. It was ‘time’... time to adduce the three trolley-loads of evidence visible by the Judge. But they’re not touched!... Not one piece is removed – nothing - handed up... only the words... "That's the case for the Defence!" Two days later, the Judgment said it all: "as no defence has been put before me I am not to choose between one or the other -Judgment for Eldon $26 million". Jo assets dissolving before her very eyes, Jo tells her Junior Barrister "Tell the Judge not to give possession. I'm paying it out!" Shocked, he refuses. "You're not instructing me!" He reluctantly succumbs. Jo pays. But Deavin has other deals on-foot. Jo is evicted from her home under police and media presence. She withstands the destructive forces stealing her properties; the freezing of her bank accounts; her company liquidated; now homeless with nothing left to lose, she becomes a femme fatale feared by all... a relentless tiger with razor-sharp-toothed-pen unleashed, slicing through - their blood spilling out across the pages leaving nowhere, for them to turn or hide. No 'out'! Jacobs had guaranteed all 'protection from prosecution'. She names all, exposing their deeds in a book. All wanted "what she's got!" But what she really 'had', could never be theirs. Huge Billboards herald her book's entrée. Jacobs is outraged. "Liquidate bookstores!" - Too late! "I want her dead!" Jacobs found murdered - leading to a "who-dun-it."

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Chris Hemsworth
Nicole Kidman
Matt Damon
In the Vein Of:
All The President's Men
The Pelican Brief
Author Bio: Screenwriter: 6 Feature Award-winning Scripts and 2 Short Screenplays Author: non-fiction (4) books - Amazon "Best Seller" 2020 Publisher/Editor: 'Profiler' Magazine distributed nationally by the Packer network - NSC and Gordon & Gotch through newsagencies 2021 - Marquis "Who's Who" Lifetime Achievement Award Poet AllPoetry - 6 poems Wildsound - Top 100 Screenwriting Awards: 2021 Oaxaca International Film Festival 11 - Finalist - "And The Devil called!" 2021 Oaxaca Pitchfest - Official Selection - "Doors of Miracles!" 2020 Moviebytes 'Top 10' - Six (6) in the Top 10 of their genre 2020 - Marquis "Who's Who" Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 - L.

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Contest Results:
Hollywood Moving Pictures (First Place) [2019]
L.A. Neo Noir (First Place, Winner - Top 100 Filmmakers ) [2019] (First Place, Best Script, Best Writer, Fan ) [2017]
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