Touching story of an unlikely friendship between a self-imposed, junk yard hermit with guilt he can't shake and a young latchkey teenager from a poor Baltimore neighborhood.

Simon Hawkins has serious guilt about the accidental death of his father (Simon was driving, fell asleep at the wheel and killed his drunk father) - so much so that he has self-imposed a confinement of 10 years in the lot on himself. In his own personal jail, he functions with help from his sister, Maggie, as well as his friends, John and Carlos who, along with their wives, come to the lot each year to celebrate Simon's birthday with an all day crab feast/baseball game.

Simon stays presentable with the help of Lily, a lovely young beauty school student who comes each month to trim his hair. His only full-time companion is his faithful guard dog, Satan, a shelter rescue dog who keeps thugs out of the lot.

One day, a young man runs into the lot to escape the thugs who are chasing and throwing bottles at him. He is Fred Johnston, a local African-American high school student. Fred and Simon become fast friends and Simon starts to tell him about his friendship with the great baseball legend, Jackie Robinson.

Simon describes a wonderful experience with his father, namely, the trip that they took to New York in his Dad's new red Chevy convertable, to see the Dodgers play in the first game of the 1955 World Series. Simon also relates how Jackie R., with Branch Rickey's help and encouragement, was the first black player to integrate Major League baseball. Fred didn't know any of this and learns about Jackie R.'s struggle and his close friendship with Simon.

Thugs break into the impound lot, poison Simon's dog, Satan, and then steal a car. Simon rushes to the all- night vet clinic with Satan who is treated and due to Simon's quick thinking, saved.

Simon, finally ready to leave the lot, takes Fred to the cemetery to visit his father's grave. He asks his Dad for forgiveness and is finally able to move on with his life.

Simon reconnects with his former fiancee', Mary Anne, and together, they plan for the future.

Simon moves out of the lot, which he discovers will be torn down in a few months to make room for condominiums. He takes Mary Anne, Fred and Lily to an Orioles game where he and Fred, at halftime, get to pitch and hit with the actual Orioles players!

Simon's next birthday is spent with Mary Anne, who he has married and is expecting their first child, along with Fred, Lily and his friends, at his annual birthday crab feast/baseball game - at a new location! Satan has also produced some offspring and loves his new, tranquil home!

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
20-ish Black Actress, awkward type
35-45 Attractive Guy
A late teen athletic Boy
In the Vein Of:
The Sandlot
Field of Dreams
inspired by true events
Author Bio:
Justine Cowan has been a writer for 25 years. Her other scripts are "A Grunt's Tale" (winner of Honorable Mention in 77th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition out of 17,000 entries), "Flashdrive", "The Octopus Charmer", "Janie Loves Bollywood", and "In the Slugline" - all available on "Janie Loves Bollywood" will be produced by a D.C. area indie production company in the fall of 2011!

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SkyFest (Honorable Mention)