Hysterical tales of odd ball commuters and their drivers in the DMV!

Beware who you drive with in the morning in the slugline. As perfectly Martin finds out, they could look innocent like Pete and Joe, but actually be smoking dope in their car on their way to work/Martin, half asleep at 6 AM in the commuter passenger lane (The Slugline) makes up Pete and Joe's carpool. Big mistake! Because, when he arrive at his high profile security clearance-required Government job, he smells like reefer, pops positive on his drug test (shouldn't have eaten that poppyseed bagel the night before, dude!) then gets fired and escorted out of the building by security! It gets worse! His girlfriend finds out and dumps him and he loses his swanky NW DC apartment! Martin wants his revenge on Pete and Joe and searches madly for them on the streets of D.C., finally finding them at their jobs at the U.S. Botanical Gardens, where they work as Master Bonsai Gardeners! Joe and Pete end up befriending Martin and recommend that he join their team.

Only punk chick Sunset Reising(those hippie parents!) is having a more rotten day. She works at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and drops her boyfriend's skull ring into the printing press when she hands it to him during their break up. The press jams and stops money production and Sunset, the manager, is in big trouble!

Master Sargent Clarence Carter has one of the nastiest bosses at the Pentagon. He takes out his frustrations at lunchtime at the Dojo, where he perfects his Ninja skills.

Other punkers and "slugs" include Persimmon and her friends who take out their stress and work/commuting frustration - in hippie knitting class!

Follow drivers and their "slugs" through their daily commute and their workdays. Meet Pete and Joe, the stoners,(who are actually Master Garderners at the U.S. Botanical Gardens), Sunset and Persimmon, the punk chicks, and staff sergeant Clarence Carter, killer Ninja better known as "the Silent One". With personalities, nasty bosses and mishaps at opposite ends of the scale, they find common ground - in hippie knitting class!

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
30's Handsome Guy
30's Actor, any ethnicity
30's Attractive Woman
In the Vein Of:
Office Space
Wedding Crashers
Author Bio:
Justine Cowan has been a writer for 23 years and won 4 honorable mentions in screenwriting contests (the one from Writer's Digest was out of 17,000 entries).