Episode: A recovered addict hitching rides to track down her abducted six-year-old son joins forces with a mistrustful independent trucker to combat the first wave of an alien invasion hidden in his sealed cargo. "Night Haul" Series logline: Resourceful ordinary people exploit diverse survival talents and the ability to stay mobile to defeat an alien conspiracy that has compromised the forces of law and order – if they can solve their mutual distrust.

"Fabrications" is the pilot for "Night Haul", a ten-hour sci-fi horror series.

Set in the present day west of Oregon and Idaho mountain wildernesses, we explore the impact of alien creatures that could have been humanity’s greatest allies if they had not first run into the worst that humanity has to offer.

Something has been hiding along the Columbia River, waiting and watching homeless encampments, unwary lovers, drug addicts and drunks, and has slowly been making its move on people who will not be missed. Now it is targeting law enforcement personnel. It has a plan. And the average Joes of the world – the truck drivers and runaways – will have to do their best to stop it, because they’re the only ones that notice something is wrong, except a lone FBI agent with an obsession.

Now the creatures have interbred with a half xenobot, half living creature invented by a rogue government contractor and they have become an implacable foe bent on subverting all human kindness in order to control the water supplies of earth. With all the innate craftiness that a scientific agency could instill in them, these creatures intimately know humanity’s weaknesses and how to exploit them.

A band of bewildered survivors with little in common except the highways lacing through forests must now face them and end their onslaught if they can, without the help of the agents of law enforcement who are rapidly being subverted. "Fabrications" has a gradually building terror reminiscent of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" as the protagonists come to realize the extent of their predicament and how few resources are available to them.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Jeremy Renner
Kate Ashfield
Zachary Gordon
In the Vein Of:
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Invaders
The Puppet Masters
Author Bio:
Resident in U.S.

Contest Results:
Script Lab Free (Semifinalist) [2020]
ScreenCraft SciFi (Quarterfinalist, Red List ) [2020]