Going Alone

When a biologist working on a vitally important environmental report dies mysteriously, his estranged daughter takes over his work with an assassin closing in.

Asian drama, sub-genre thriller inspired by fact...

ANH, a successful lawyer, is secretly investigating a case involving nuclear power when her comfortable world is upturned. Her father - BINH, is working on an environmental report for a controversial mining proposal. When he dies under mysterious circumstances she reluctantly takes over his work; unaware that his death is not the first and others attached to the project have disappeared. Her life is now at risk and she’s forced to flee the country. A European Mastermind is behind the violence. He's trying to make a fraudulent sale of nuclear power infrastructure, driving a wedge of mistrust between Vietnam and China, and prevent Binh's environmental report from being submitted on time, which would ensure his Consortium takes over - resulting in an ‘open season’ on a fragile environment. Anh’s spurned suitor, HAU secretly working for the Mastermind, is ambitious and seduced by greed and power. He’ll stop at nothing to possess Anh and if he can’t have her, no one else will. The assassin QUYEN is sent to kill Anh. When she reunites with her lover MINZHE, tragedy strikes and she’s torn between duty to her country and personal happiness.

The screenplay, "Going Alone" was optioned in 2017, but the first-time Producer was unable to acquire funding and the project's option agreement then expired.

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Diana’s prior work in science remains a driving force in her screenwriting career - insatiable curiosity and a passion to explore - character. Main focus is the Drama genre, exploring the complex relationship between parent and offspring. The sub-genre - Thriller, provides the basis for the narrative arc. Strengths include creative world-building, empathy, and a highly committed work ethic.