A TOE-TAPPING MUSICAL! Legendary performers Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Eubie Blake and Bert Williams relive their show business triumphs in spite of racism and theatrical bigotry. An epic musical drama and biopic. All music public domain; can be expanded to TV musical miniseries. Professional Coverage: “Recommend” Dave Trottier (author, “The Screenwriter’s Bible.”)

“Bert Williams is the funniest man I ever saw, and the saddest man I ever knew.” --W. C. Fields

“Mister President, when you’re dealing them New Deal cards, don’t forget the spades! -- Bill “Bojangles” Robinson to FDR

“I just played piano in a whorehouse.” -- Eubie Blake

Three legendary black performers of the past – BERT WILLIAMS, EUBIE BLAKE, and BILL “BOJANGLES” ROBINSON – are “summoned” to a meeting at a soon-to-be-demolished NYC theatre.

The meeting has been convened by black historian LAUREN WINCHELL. The purpose is to document “how black performers of the past overcame the problems of race discrimination in the American theatre.”

These guys could entertain, and they always knew what they were up against. So we—and Lauren -- get an earful!

• BERT WILLIAMS -- star of the Ziegfeld Follies-- had to use the freight elevator to get to his dressing room. And he sings “Nobody” like nobody else. • BILL “BOJANGLES” ROBINSON was criticized for holding a white child’s hand (Shirley Temple) in a movie. But their dance routines saved the film and the studio. • EUBIE BLAKE, against impossible odds, wrote, produced and directed the first all-black musical on Broadway. And nobody played ragtime piano like Eubie.

In uncovering their tales, Lauren also learns her family’s hidden show business ancestry. And she discovers how all these experiences affect her own life and career.

During the story we meet – and enjoy – W.C. Fields, Will Rogers, Eddie Cantor, Fanny Brice, George M. Cohan, Shirley Temple, Darryl F. Zanuck and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

We also enjoy many songs, dances and performances of the outstanding entertainers.

The story is thoroughly researched and based on historical facts. All music is public domain.

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Jim Saunders is a New York City-based professional writer, playwright, optioned screenplay writer and multiple contest winner. He has many years’ experience writing stage presentations, corporate films and multimedia projects; also a director and occasional actor.


Jim specializes in screenplays based on historical true events (including musicals), bio/pics and/or disasters. In alphabetical order:

“BOJANGLES, EUBIE AND BERT!” Three Black musical legends of the past – Bert Williams, Eubie Blake and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – relive their show business success in spite of racism and theatrical bigotry.

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