The Strange Reality of Sally Parker

PILOT: A rebellious member of the alien race known as "The Custodians", launches a mission to rescue his friend and bring closer to home his beloved, human-cyborg daughter. SERIES: A teen human-cyborg helping to perfect a mind-altering computer game capable of saving humanity, battles a psychopathic CIA operative and a gang of alien marauders - both intent on enslaving Earth.

A grounded Sci-Fi Thriller over five-seasons (10 episodes/season)... The clock ticks on the continuing existence of humanity. "Homo sapiens" have been found guilty of ruthlessly destroying Earth’s biosphere, by members of an alien species known as THE CUSTODIANS, who secretly monitor this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Punishment is not going to be a slap on the wrist, but a death sentence.

The rebellious and compassionate ELEN, and his long-time friend, an ancient and autonomous A.I. known as SANKHARA, secretly work on an alternative that promises a permanent solution to humanity’s dark side via the computer game called “Future”. It has the potential to permanently rewrite the human brain at the genetic level and transform each human individual into an ethically-minded being compelled to nurture and preserve other lifeforms and Earth's natural ecosystems. While “Future” may be humanity’s only hope, the game in its current state is flawed. It’s when SALLY, Elen’s secretly adopted and enhanced human daughter returns “home” and works with Sankhara, that the game begins to work. They just need time for it to make a global impact... Elen’s ambitious brother, GALEN - a celebrated Eco-Warrior, is keen to eradicate not just humans but the entire Primate Order and reconstruct Earth’s Biosphere. It will ensure him a seat on the powerful Custodian Council. DESMOND, a disgraced former pupil of Elen’s, now a rogue CIA operative, is determined to destroy Sally and subvert the game for his own corrupt gain - taking over the world’s financial institutions. The alien Barengians known as the B-GIRLS want Earth’s resources to sell on the galactic black market and just like Desmond, it’s personal. The cloned B-Girl known as B-4, is out to get revenge on Sally and Elen. On a transformational journey, Sally defeats the evil Desmond and the marauding B-Girls, rescuing her beloved, alien father and her son, GORDON. However, success comes at a price. She learns the true nature of sacrifice for the sake of love and family and Elen who loves her dearly, cannot save her from the consequences of the final choice she’s willing to make.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Elle Fanning
Jude Law, Michael Fassbender
Author Bio:
I’ve always been curious - since forever it’s been science, but now I’m into exploring Character as a screenwriter and actor. Main focus is Drama - exploring the complex, often fragile relationship between a parent and offspring. The sub-genres - Thrillers and Sci-Fi, underpin the narrative arc. My strengths include building rich story worlds, creating empathy via 3-D Characters, and having a highly committed, "whatever-it-takes" work ethic. Optioned, and a Comp Finalist for Features & TV.

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Contest Results:
People's Pilot (Finalist, Second Place Runner-up (5th)) [2017]
Los Angeles International (Quarterfinalist) [2020]