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Mack, Arnold and the Twixler

An imaginative orphan who doesn’t want to be adopted due to trauma from his father, befriends a mentally challenged man in a nursing home and the two plot to escape.

Written by: Guilherme Cunha    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 08/04/2019
Updated: 08/04/2019
Author Bio:
(Trailer voice) Born on the same day as John Cleese and Ivan Reitman... comes a new name who will also make history in the entertainment business. His name is Guilherme Sadeck Cunha! (end trailer voice) He's a Brazilian filmmaker. Ever since he graduated from film school in Brasilia, his hometown, he has made short action movies, a horror and two dramas.

For one year, Guilherme was in Canada for the VFS (Vancouver Film School) one-year intensive screenwriting program.

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