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A TOE-TAPPING MUSICAL! Legendary performers Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Eubie Blake and Bert Williams relive their show business triumphs in spite of racism and theatrical bigotry. An epic musical drama and biopic. All music public domain; can be expanded to TV musical miniseries. Professional Coverage: “Recommend” Dave Trottier (author, “The Screenwriter’s Bible.”) Synopsis

Written by: JAMES B SAUNDERS     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 07/08/2018
Updated: 11/10/2018
Author Bio: Jim Saunders is a New York City-based professional writer, playwright and optioned screenplay writer. He has many years’ experience writing stage presentations, corporate films and multimedia projects; also a director and occasional actor.


Jim specializes in screenplays based on historical true events (including musicals), bio/pics and/or disasters. In alphabetical order:

“BOJANGLES, EUBIE AND BERT!” A provocative, thoughtful and toe-tapping musical story ensues when three black musical legends of the past – Bert Williams, Eubie Blake and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson -- relive their show business success in spite of racism and theatrical bigotry. An historical musical drama and biopic.

“BULLY!” (Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal) is the story of the outrageous (and courageous) political maneuvering surrounding the American acquisition of the Panama Canal territory in 1903. An historical drama and biopic. “EXPLOSION AT BLACK TOM!” is the story of how Federal agents--including a young J. Edgar Hoover --thwarted German saboteurs and tried to prevent the horrific July 1916 Black Tom Island Munition Depot explosion in New York Harbor – the largest detonation of explosives in the United States up to that time – and the first terrorist attack on America. An action, detective and historical/disaster drama.

“GENERAL GRANT IS DOOMED!” The true story behind the heroic struggle of General Ulysses S. Grant to complete his “Personal Memoirs” while being ravaged by terminal throat cancer. He produces a masterpiece! An historical drama and biopic.

“MADAM PRESIDENT” - The story of Edith Wilson, second wife of President Woodrow Wilson, who initiated a mammoth White House cover-up of Wilson’s debilitating 1919 stroke; she ran the presidency for the rest of his term of office. An historical drama and biopic.

“RAGTIME WARRIOR” is the story James Reese Europe, the founder of the famed “Harlem Hellfighters” military band, who revolutionized military band music by introducing modern dynamics, popular songs and jazz to the WWI doughboys. He and the band also become combat heroes. An action, musical and historical drama biopic

“THEATRE OF DEATH” is based on the horrific 1903 Iroquois Theatre fire in Chicago—the worst building fire in American history -- a story of criminal neglect and corporate greed leading to the death of 603 people, mostly woman and children. An action and historical/disaster drama.

Professional Coverage: EACH and ALL of the above screenplays – “RECOMMEND” - Dave Trottier (Author, The Screenwriter’s Bible). All screenplays are copyrighted.


“TRIUMPH! BOJANGLES, EUBIE AND BERT” A stage musical depicting how three show business legends – Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Eubie Blake and Bert Williams – overcame racism and theatrical bigotry to achieve immortal success.

“SIR HARRY LAUDER TONIGHT!” A sprightly stage musical about the life and career of the famed Scotch music hall entertainer.

Jim has a Bachelor of Arts Degree (English major) and an MBA. He was a costume consultant (uncredited) on the film “It’s Complicated.”

You may contact Jim at: jbsaunders221@gmail.com or 718-204-1251 IMBdPro: as James B. Saunders

Representation: Barry Perelman, The Barry Perelman Agency, 310-659-1122, barry_perelman@yahoo.com