A Risk of Exposure

Life and death in Stalin's gulag brings a ballet teacher to promise to reveal its secrets. With the KGB in pursuit and an unlikely ally, will she succeed?

In a Siberian labor camp, Anya Pevcik's last gift from her husband was an incriminating parcel of film and photographs that proved the atrocities there. When he is hauled to a firing squad, she vows to reveal the horrors of the camp to the world.

Now, seven years later, in 1953, as a ballet teacher, with her daughter Katya and her niece Galina, she has the chance to bring her dancers to America. And she plots to smuggle the photos under the nose of KGB agent Rudolph Beshkov. Anya's talented niece Galina Andrepovna, the principal dancer, guards a secret, too: a love affair with Rudolph's idealistic son, Yevgeny, a pianist who yearns to defect to the West with Galina.

An accidental encounter on a busy sidewalk and a spilled purse lead an American photographer to discover some of Anya's film. Finally, on the night of the dancers' final performance. Yevgeny decides to take his chance at freedom and defect, and Anya prepares to risk everything to fulfill her promise to the one man she loved so many years ago.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Viggo Mortenson
Juliette Binoche
Daniel Radcliffe
In the Vein Of:
Spy Games
Author Bio:
High school history teacher and former newspaper and magazine columnist

Writing credits include educational testing materials and 3 unproduced screenplays

Contest Results:
Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2014]
Red Inkworks (Semifinalist) [2004]
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Semifinalist) [2004]
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