A model on the decline gets a much-needed vacation from her rock star boyfriend and her career as well as a new outlook on life when she hides out at a Florida beach house with an “odd couple” of twenty-something brothers who are convinced she's a hooker.

Big footprints left in the sand by our storyteller, Turk, a cute, funny, gawky guy who theorizes on the mysteries of life, and how sometimes things happen that you just can’t explain.

Supermodel Angelique Aubert, 28, dresses alone backstage at the huge Louis d’Or fashion show in NY. She is aloof, detached, a veteran on a shaky career crest. Models scurry for the finale. Angelique leads them out and, at the end of the runway, passes out. Revived backstage by her manager Michael, she learns that instead of taking that vacation she had been planning to work her way out of an abusive relationship with rock star Joey Bovee, Michael has booked her for South Beach and a catalog shoot with the German clients who “adore” her.

Before leaving Angelique has a blowout with Joey at a cafe, and he pitches a fit. She hightails it for a cab and a trip south, time to contemplate her unhappiness. She has no friends, no family, to speak of. She’s rich, but she’s alone.

Only this shoot something is different. Michael assures her it’s nothing and Angelique will wrap it up the next day. But because of a time change, she shows up early and there on the beach is the same setup she had shot yesterday... only this time the object of the camera’s affection is a younger model. Angelique drops everything and runs. Michael gives chase, but to no avail. Once again, a cab whisks her away.

Re-enter Turk, a driver for Paradise Cabs, a rogue operation run by a 25 year-old entrepreneur, Turk’s straight-arrow brother Pete. Because Angelique has no money, no purse, etc., but wants to be dropped off at a hotel she’s not sure about, Turk assumes she’s a hooker, which to him is pretty cool. He agrees to wait downstairs while she, ahem, takes care of business. Unfortunately, Angelique never makes it up to her room, because Joey is waiting in the lobby. She makes for the cab. Joey makes for his limo, boots out the driver, and a high speed chase ensues on I-95. After a little banging (the cars, that is) Turk arrives back at the bachelor beach house with his now exotic passenger and temporary tenant.

Pete, a cynic at heart, suspects there’s more to this girl than she’s telling and while Turk and Angelique beachcomb, he goes through Angelique’s things and finds her hotel key. Late one night Pete sneaks into the hotel room, but isn’t alone. Angelique finds Pete hanging around (well, actually, he’s hanging off the balcony), and she has to save his butt. Because Turk has fallen head over zories for Angelique, this odd rendezvous will remain their secret.

While Pete drives the cab, Angelique and Turk have a bona fide tourist, vacation day, but Turk doesn’t make it home in time to relieve his brother, who explodes, fires Turk and boots Angelique out. Turk is crest fallen. On the way back to Angelique’s hotel, Pete advises this “lady” that she “just needs a good makeover.” And he knows just the right person for the job. Miss Millie of Miss Millie’s Modeling School reveals Angelique’s true identity and now, suddenly, Angelique is not only okay by Pete, she’s also pretty damned attractive.

Pete, Angelique and Turk hook up at the Miami Jai-Alai fronton. Joey breaks up a fight between Turk and Pete by wielding a “weapon” on the court, and Angelique shocks all concerned when she reveals that she’s pregnant. Joey’s pretty puffed up until Angelique and Turk announce that it’s their little bambino in her oven, not Joey’s. Of course, it’s a ruse, but they sell it... sort of.

Like something out of a bizarre “Casablanca”, Turk bids a teary goodbye to this angel when she boards a flight bound for France to restore family ties. He's crushed... but not for very long.

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20s male
20s male
In the Vein Of:
There's Something About Mary
40 Year Old Virgin
When Harry Met Sally
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Art D’Alessandro co-founded and ran one of the Southeast’s most highly regarded talent schools for over 22 years. His love of movies has led to nearly 50 screenplays bearing his name as writer, including the produced feature films “The Final Season” (1100 screens, Sean Astin, Powers Boothe, et al), "She Drives Me Crazy" (Lifetime, Winner of CTV's Gemini Award for Best TV Movie, Melinda Clarke), "Mayor Cupcake" (Showtime, Lea Thompson, Zoey Deutch, & Judd Nelson), "Letters to God" (900 screens, Ralph Waite), “All Shook Up” (Sarah Chalke & Frank Gorshin) and the award-winning indie thriller “ZZYZX”, starring Kenny Johnson of The Shield and SWAT fame.

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