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Rod Knock

A newly single and unemployed man re-establishes himself as a handyman with the ladies he’s learning to date, but encounters many comical mishaps in both his work and social life in trying to prove himself worthy. A newly single man encounters many comical mishaps in both his work and social life, but finally proves himself worthy to his deriding buddies and Latino lady friend with a heroic feat.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Adam Sandler
Ben Stiller
Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, or Ben Stiller
In the Vein Of:
Bruce Almighty
A buddy type dramedy/action ensemble
Meet the Parents
Author Bio:
Pamela Green has been writing for several years and picked up an agent and script coach on her very first screenplay. She later worked with a literary manager to hone her skills. Many of her scripts have placed in contests, and between herself and her script coach, they have credits for 2 produced films, 6 optioned scripts and two outright sales.

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Contest Results:
Emerging Screenwriters (Quarterfinalist, Not About Money) [2022]
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist, Feature - Scriptapalooza) [2018]
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