Rod Knock

A well skilled newly single and unemployed man has many mishaps in both his work and social life, and must find a way to prove himself worthy among his ridiculing peers.

Rodney Knockers loses his long-term job due to a plant closing. About the same time, his wife accuses him of running around and throws him out of the house, permanently.

New to the singles world, he struggles to find himself. Controversial in nature, he says whatever is on his mind, and you have to like him because he is so genuine. He has a feminine nature, but does masculine work, and almost whines with his overrefined and elongated statements to describe his true feelings. Nothing about Rodney is hidden. He is unpretentious, and totally open and honest.

At his daughter Francie’s suggestion, he tries several singles clubs, but just doesn’t seem to fit in. Downhill skiing is too dangerous, travel clubs are too expensive, and the ladies at the boating club all want men who have boats. To feel comfortable, he promotes himself with the women as a handyman, which seems to get him some work, and also some dates.

His charges for his work are very fair, and he can fix almost anything. While he does many jobs well, he makes some mistakes and encounters some embarrassing mishaps, such as shorting out the whole house electricity while doing repair work, and trying to replace a bathtub to find that the plumbing is at the wrong end. His social life is equally eventful, as he drops his lady friend on the dance floor with the dip movement, his old car repeatedly overheats when taking a date home, and he almost gets arrested setting off an alarm at his son’s house when trying to get in through the bathroom window.

He manages to make friends with a couple of fellows who invite him to play golf, but who also take pleasure laughing at him behind his back. With his social blunders and repairman mishaps, they don’t think he can do anything right. His unpolished manner and frugal habits give way to much ridicule with his new-found buddies, but his genuine and soft-hearted ways win over in an acceptable manner with the ladies.

Rodney finally gets employed as a custodian at a grade school, only to get in trouble for doing a good deed. Getting caught with his pants down, he gets fired, which leaves him sulking on his couch. After continually being scorned and laughed at, Rodney is called upon to answer a distress call from his Latino lady friend. A wild chase by an irate husband ensues, but Rodney accomplishes his goal. He is accompanied by his deriding male buddies, and his ingenious and heroic acts amaze them. They begin to praise his actions, and decide he’s not such a bad guy after all.

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Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Adam Sandler
Ben Stiller
Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, or Ben Stiller
In the Vein Of:
Bruce Almighty
A buddy type dramedy/action ensemble
Meet the Parents
Author Bio:
Pamela Green has been writing screenplays for the last fifteen years, picking up an agent early on who marketed her first script until his passing in 2005. She worked with a script coach and later a literary agent to broaden her talents while taking numerous screenplay classes. She won her first screenplay contest as a semi-finalist in the American Gem Literary Festival and Write Brothers Contest in 2014, and after a few-year break from writing, won as quarterfinalist with Scriptapalooza in 2018.

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Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist) [2018]