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Grace (retitled Brave Hearts)

In 1840, an unconventional widow risks her life when she joins forces with a charismatic journalist, brutalized tenant farmers and a traumatized exile she rescues in Montreal, to stop the most powerful men in Scotland from violently evicting Gaelic Highlanders, unaware of her own family's complicity in the ethnic cleansing. Synopsis

Written by: Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Rose Leslie
Michael Sheen
James McAvoy
Posted: 02/22/2014
Updated: 02/03/2017
Author Bio: A Toronto-born singer-songwriter, photographer and multi-award-winning co-author of the screenplays, GRACE (retitled "Brave Hearts") and "The Experiment", Jeffrey Allen Russel earned his living as a real estate broker before embarking on a writing career. As a writer, he has found a passion he never experienced in the world of business and has discovered a new art form to express his strong sense of the visual.

Lynda Lemberg is a retired educator who has been immersed in art-house, international and indie cinema as well as world literature and theatre since adolescence. Lynda believes in the transformative power of art - its potential to humanize, break down barriers and inspire social transformation. As a classroom teacher, Lynda incorporated theatre, film and social issues into the curriculum she developed. She has devoted most of her adult life to peace, anti- racism and social justice activism for which she received the first Human Rights Award given to a secondary teacher in Ontario, Canada. In her retirement, Lynda has worked as a drama coach and assistant to the director for award-winning high school theatrical productions. As a writer, she has channelled her creative energy and passion for social justice into co-authoring "GRACE" and "The Experiment".

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Wexford Film Festival (Finalist, Ireland retitled Brave Hearts)
Fresh Voices Feature (Semifinalist, Spotlight Award Nominee)
Oaxaca FilmFest (Finalist)
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Mongolia Festival (Finalist, One of Ten, Winner TBA)
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Manchester Festival (Finalist, One of Six)
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Cinestory Feature (Quarterfinalist)
New Hampshire (Finalist, One of Ten)
Dixie Festival (Finalist, One of Nine)
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist)
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Adapted Screenplay (Semifinalist)
Palm Street Films (Semifinalist, One of Ten)
Vail Film Festival (Semifinalist, One of Twelve)
Austin Indie Flix (Semifinalist)
Mountain Film (Honorable Mention)
Screenplay Incubation (Honorable Mention, Special Mention (Delhi, India))
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L.A. Film & Script (Honorable Mention)
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Writers Place (Honorable Mention)
L.A. Cinema Film Fest (Honorable Mention, Award of Merit)
SkyFest (Honorable Mention, Award of Excellence)
L.A. Movie (Honorable Mention)
Urban Mediamakers (Honorable Mention)
Los Angeles CineFest (Honorable Mention, (of Hollywood) Award of Merit )