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The Third Button

A man causes a fatal car accident and runs away unaware that his son dies in the damaged car.

Written by: rajko stiglic    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: 25 - 35 Attractive Female
25 - 35 Attractive Guy
Al Pacino
Posted: 09/14/2013
Updated: 03/12/2019
Author Bio:
I am an engineer, live alternatively in Belgrade and Johannesburg. My education extends across the various fields: movie making (courses lectured at famous, in that time, Belgrade’s Kino Club), philosophy and electronic engineering (Belgrade University). Presently, I am in screenplay writing full time with five original screenplays completed:

‘Carrots, Poisons and a Theater’ (2014)

Triplet boys, given up for adoption to separate families forty years ago, become the center of a manhunt when their oil baron biological father needs blood transfusions and their lineage threatens others’ wealth.

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