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Larry David has a hard time being smart without being an ass. A traffic violation leads Larry David to traffic court and community service as a traffic cross walk guard. Meanwhile, the hybrid car maybe a silent killer, and Jeff Green is losing weight while getting Rolf-ed. Winner of 8 'Best Screenplay' awards. #1 on MovieBytes. com Short Comedy 'Winner List.' Synopsis

Written by: David J Schroeder     [Contact Author]
Format: Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Larry David

Posted: 01/27/2012
Updated: 01/20/2016
Author Bio: Winner of 55 'Best' screenplay awards with 6 different scripts since 2010.

Writer/producer of THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT with actor Jordi Vilasuso, and director Alex Merkin.

Contest Results: Los Angeles Screenplay (First Place)
Moondance (First Place)
Metropolitan (First Place)
Talentville (First Place, 7/15/12 & 7/29/12)
George Lindsey UNA (First Place)
Laugh or Die (First Place, 2013)
L.A. Cinema Film Fest (Second Place)
L.A. Cinema Festival (Second Place, 2012)
Aura Screenwriter Awards (Second Place, 2015)
Cannes Screenplay (Second Place, 2015, TV Spec Script)
Creative World (Finalist, top 5)
Screenwriter Takes All (Third Place)
Vegas Indie (Third Place, 2013)
Smashcut (Third Place, 2011)
L.A. Reel (Finalist, 2010, 8th Place)
SkyFest (Finalist, Top 4, Winner pending)
Houston Comedy (Finalist, 2014 top 5)
Writers Place (Finalist)
Sunscreen (Finalist, Top 7)
Hollywood Screenplay (Finalist)
Reel Authors (Finalist, Top 2 TV spec script)
Spec Scriptacular (Semifinalist, 2015, winner pending)
Colortape (Honorable Mention)