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The Paper Route

Paul, 15, has a one-time chance to escape his oppressive life in southern Indiana, but must leave his younger brother behind.

Written by: Danny Howell     [Contact Author]    Interviews
Format: Screenplay
Updated: 04/27/2017
Author Bio: I have written several scripts based in southern Indiana where I grew up. Two of them, VISIONS and THE PAPER ROUTE, have been semifinalists in the Nicholl competition. VISIONS was previously optioned by Michael Grais.

Contest Results: PAGE International (First Place, Drama Category (2004))
Hollywood Symposium (First Place, 2003)
Open Door/Script Magazine (First Place, December 2002)
Screen Arts (First Place, Grand Prize Winner (2003))
American Accolades (First Place, Grand Prize Winner (2003))
Wildsound (First Place, 2015)
Movie Script/Feature (Second Place, (2007))
21st Century (Second Place, (2007))
Nicholl Fellowships (Semifinalist, (Top 30 Scripts 2007))
Underexposed (Second Place, 2001)
Hollywood's Next Success (Second Place, 2002 (Drama Category))
Screenplay Festival (Finalist, (2004))
StoryPros International (Finalist, (2007))
Cinestory Feature (Semifinalist, (2012))
Screenwriter Showcase (Third Place, (2004))
Antelope Valley (Finalist, (2005))
Showcase Awards (Finalist, (2001-02))
Woods Hole (Finalist, (2005))
Monterey (Finalist, (2005))
Screenplay as Literature (Finalist, 2001)
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist, 2003)
Colorado Fest (Finalist, Platinum Award (2012))
Back in the Box (Finalist, (2012))
Cinema City Online (Finalist, (2007))
NOVA Film Fest (Finalist, (2015))
Writer's Desk (Finalist, (2007))
Script Savvy (Finalist, (2007))
Indie Gathering (Finalist, (2006))
SoCal International (Finalist, 2006)
Gloria Film Festival (Finalist, 2006)
Valley International (Finalist, (2007))
International Independent (Finalist, 2015)
Marquee Lights (Finalist, (2015))
Aura Screenwriter Awards (Finalist, (2015))
Extreme Feature (Finalist, (2007))
Movie Deal! (Finalist, 2008)
Courier (Semifinalist, 2015)
TFI (Semifinalist, (2004))
Master Filmmakers (Semifinalist, (2005))
Landlocked (Semifinalist, (2007)) (Semifinalist, (July 2002))
Chesterfield (Semifinalist, 2002)
Venice Arts (formerly Script World) (Semifinalist, 2002)
FilmMakers/Feature (Semifinalist, (2005) (Top 20))
20/20 (Semifinalist, (2005))
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Semifinalist, 2003)
Red Inkworks (Honorable Mention)