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Featured in upcoming April/June 2010 Script magazine. The greatest race in Olympic history retold as Cuban mailman Felix Carvajal runs the 1904 Olympic Marathon remembering his 1200 mile super-run up the Mississippi River to battle the world's best marathoners attacking him with racism, cheating, and drugs, to become the champion for all small national athletes who dare to dream of victory.

Written by: Christopher Canole     [Contact Author]    Interviews
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Adrian Grenier
Diego Luna
Gael Garcia Bernal
In the Vein Of: Chariots of Fire
The Lost City
The Greatest Game
Posted: 07/03/2005
Updated: 04/07/2010
Author Bio: For my visual resume please visit

SCREENPLAY WRITER: Manager: Leslie Rabb: RPM International (310) 652-6220

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Her Swastika Sword: 2008 Action on Film award Best New Writer 2008 Indie Gathering Silver Medal

Felix the Flyer: 2009 British International Film Festival Los Angeles Best Screenplay 2009 Mexico International Film Festival Honorable Mention 2009 Movie Deal Honorable Mention 2008 Charleston International Film Festival Selected Screenplay 2008 Beverly Hills Film Festival Selected Screenplay 2008 Swansea Bay International Film Festival (England) Selected Screenplay 2008 Bare Bones Film Festival Selected Screenplay 2007 AAA Creative Screenwriting magazine Grand Prize Winner 2007 International Film Festival winner 2007 Kids First Film Festival recommended screenplay 2007 Feeding Frenzy Finalist 2007 Gloria Film Festival Finalist 2006 Queens Film Festival winner 2006 GAFFERS Film Festival winner 2006 Screenplay Shootout winner 2006 Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist 2005 Scr(i)pt Magazine Open Door winner 2005 Screenplay Shootout Winner 2005 San Diego Film Festival winner 2005 Winner 2005 Acclaim Film and TV Winner 2004 Screenplay Festival Winner 2006 Gaffers Film Festival Winner 2005 Contest-of-Contest Finalist 2005 20/20 Finalist 2005 Red Inkworks Finalist 2005 All Access Finalist 2006 Writers on the Storm semi-finalist 2005 Scriptapalooza semi-finalist 2005 Page International semi-finalist 2005 Script Shark Insider semi-finalist 2005 Scriptwriter Dig finalist 2005 Fade In quarter-finalist

TEACHER: University of California at San Diego • New York School of Interior Design • OTIS Art Institute University of Guelph (Canada) • Oberlin College • University of Massachusetts at Amherst Coach UCSD Fencing team

GRANTS: National Endowment for the Arts (Bienalle de Paris & Individual Artist) • CAPS: Bronx Gardens Bank of America: Outstanding Undergraduate in Physics • Disney Fellowship: Cal Arts

EDUCATION: University of California San Diego (BS: Physics/Pre-Med) • California Institute of the Arts (MFA) UCSD (MFA Literature, Ph.D., Pending)

REVIEWS: New York Times • Art in America • ‘”Humanitaire (Paris) • Die Zietung (Germany) • LA Weekly • Trends 27 (Japan) London Herald Tribune • Los Angeles Times • San Diego Union • CBS, ABC, NBC BBC • Artweek • Skira Art Annual

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