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Perfect Prophet

A death metal atheist with a tortured religious past becomes the target of his satanic fan base because they think he's something more. Also available as a novel.

Written by: Diane Johnson    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: 20s male
70s Male
20s female
In the Vein Of: The Believers
Rosemary's Baby
The Visitation
Posted: 08/22/2003
Updated: 04/04/2020
Author Bio:
Diane studied Film and Video Art/Theory at SUNY Binghamton in New York. She has been a member of The Scriptwriters Network and has been a script reader for several writing competitions and film festivals. Other scripts that have gained her competition recognition include: **AUTUMN BLOOD, HARPO'S BIKE, THE SCHOHARIE, A GOOD SOUL, SPIKE, TURF WAR, PWNED, BLINDSIDED,THE BODY AND BLOOD, ROADSIDE PICNIC, SUPERNATURAL-INTERVENTION, SUPERNATURAL-I GOT YOU BABE and THE CHAIN-FRANCISCO PIZARRO**.

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Contest Results: Scriptwriters Network (Finalist, 1998 Stage Reading Competition) [1998]
Split-Screenplay (Finalist, Division 1 rank #11) [2004]
America's Best (Semifinalist) [1999]