The Suppression of Tomorrow

After barely surviving an accident a man sees the twisted visions of a horrible crime he witnessed as a boy. Now he's forced to face the truth and stop his father from carrying out a series of brutal murders.

Our story begins when Judd Delong and his domineering father Steve get in a fight that ends with Judd suffering a terrible head injury. While comatose, Judd sees what he believes is his own future. In that future he sees Steve kill his mistress Janice Sexton in an act of autoerotica gone horribly wrong.

With Janice dead, Judd sees Steve force him into crashing his SUV into Tomorrow River and throw Janice’s lifeless body in behind it. But when he sees Judd is not dead Steve does the unthinkable. He drowns his own son!

When police pull Judd’s SUV from the river they find Janice dead and Judd alive, barely. As Steve hoped, the police think Judd killed Janice but if he lives, Judd will expose the truth. Hospitalized and comatose inside of a coma, Judd sees the crimes his father will commit including Steve’s plan to pull the plug on his life support system.

Unable to defend himself in the material world, Judd relies on the only thing any of us can count on, our desire to do the right thing. With that burning drive he creates a supernatural ectoplasmic cloud through which he can communicate with the one person who may be able to free him. Detective Jack McCann, Janice’s own brother.

When Judd regains consciousness from his head injury he is convinced he must kill either his father, or himself to save the lives of Janice and Detective McCann.

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Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Break out male role 20-30
Father, mid-30s early 40s
Mother, mid-30s
In the Vein Of:

Author Bio:
Writing for over 15 years. Six completed scripts, two sitcom pilots two drama pilots. Eight contest wins/finalist

Contest Results:
Cinestory Feature (Second Place, 582 entrees) [2013]
Wisc. Screenwriters (Second Place) [2014]