Raucous things are happening at Sunny Haven senior living! Growing weed in the basement to help supplement residents' Medicare is just one of them!

From the outside, Miami's Sunny Haven Nursing Home looks like any other assisted living facility. The residents play bingo, go to physical therapy and enjoy afternoon ice cream socials.

Sure, the food looks and tastes like dog food and the heat doesn't always work. But the residents are tough ones of the World War II generation. They can take it. But will they? The residents health care benefits are dwindling, George's glaucoma is getting worse and Myrtle really wants to visit her grandchildren but she is broke. What can be done?

Tyrone, one of the activity's staff, George, a resident, and Paul, the chief administrator spearhead large scale efforts to grow and distribute marijuana in the basement of the nursing home. Everything goes well until the annual inspection when Walter, Paul's nemesis, shows up at the basement door when Tyrone, George and Paul are getting high to "test" their own product. Walter goes away, but soon some undercover police and unmarked cars park outside the facility, watching the action. With this kind of pressure, Paul decides to move the "operation" to Tyrone's place in the country.

Tyrone dates Leslie, the receptionist but when he meets Tracy, Paul's twin sister, sparks fly.

George suffers from Alzheimer's and is quite a hit with the ladies. In fact, he has three girlfriends at the nursing home. He just can't remember this and still engages in plenty of sex (using Viagra for extra confidence) and smokes joints with his ladies after the act.

While inspecting the set up in the country, the local sheriff rushes up to Paul to say that a small fire has broken out at Sunny Haven. When he and the others arrive back there, knowingly followed by Roy and Steve, some bumbling policemen, there are also some DEA agents in the mix.

No one is injured at Sunny Haven and the building is not damaged. Leslie, in fact, serves cocktails to the residents on the patio while the firemen secure the scene.

When two DEA agents question Paul the next day, CODE ORANGE is announced and all 50 residents "gang" up on these men to give them some famous cookies laced with "Mary Jane". The DEA agents get dizzy and let down their guard, allowing the residents to tie them up and stow them in a patient room.

Paul and the others prepare for more visits and official scrutiny. Roy and Steve jump on the bandwagon and join the pot culture. In fact, it turns out that Roy knows Leslie the receptionist and had the "hots" for her back in school.

Everything seems like it's back to normal until George and Myrtle get stuck together during sex (he took too much Viagra!) and have to be taken away, still hooked up on a gurney, to the hospital. Tyrone offers George a joint in the lobby to relieve his distress when the paramedics roll the large gurney down to the lobby. Of course, Flo and Susan, George's other girlfriends see him and Myrtle stuck together on the gurney and start beating him. George and Myrtle are taken to the hospital and everything at Sunny Haven seems to go back to normal. Or does it?

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:

30s African-American
25 - 35 Attractive Female
In the Vein Of:
A Fish called Wanda