Misguided Illusions

In the world of Drag Queens, there's a fine line between fantasy and reality. When the two collide not even a serial killer can decide.

Misguided Illusions

The illusion of beauty becomes a mask to hide the truth. When a man wears female attire does he do it for fun, fantasy, or fetish? Is he a drag queen or a cross dresser. Perhaps hes an actor or even yet a serial killer!

Eric and George Perez, two Latino brothers once inseparable as kids are now divided by the dislike of each others lifestyle. Eric is an entertainer at drag revue while George works as a cop. Daniel Connors, a closeted cop befriends Eric and they keep their relationship a secret from George. In a twist of fate, they are compelled into a reunion to stop a serial killers obsession in the avant-garde world of female impersonation in New York City, as Eric becomes the next target.

Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Silence of the Lambs
Author Bio:
Alex Acevedo

Born in New York City currently residing in Southeast Florida. Having been a cast member of "House of La Cage" on Broadway. The idea for this script came after having performed for more than 15 years. Sadly not being accepted by my family was a key issue in this story. Hoping Netflix or Hulu will be interested.

Contest Results:
One in Ten (Finalist) [2007]
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist) [2007]
Fade In (Semifinalist) [2006]