Higher Divine

An extraterrestrial discovers the key to rebuilding his shattered civilization is in a southern Israeli town on Earth. The stakes rise when his destiny depends on whether the people of earth can halt their petty differences and band together, or lose their humanity.

Alteria is home world to a race of puppets, which evolve into mannequins who evolve into humanoid robots. Every Alterian's dream is to one day become human and every one hundred years one of the humanoids evolves into a being with great powers and abilities.

The Gorgonians with the power to turn humans into stone, believe that the orbiting Alteria is on a collision course with their planet and are bent on destroying the asteroid. A lone soldier named Renaldi evolves to the higher divine, he sets out to make peace with the Gorgons, but they destroy the asteroid. He retaliates by destroying their space ships.

Renaldi comes to Earth where he walks into the body of Bradley Ashe, a dead Marine. He takes up where Bradley Ashe left off and begins life as a human with special powers. Ashe finds his two friends and the invaders find their new target.

The three become rookies; their quest is to defend Earth going head to head with the Gorgonians who turn thousands into stone. Together they have only twenty-four hours to prevent the end of the world and find peace at all costs.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Boris Kodjoe
Justin Timberlake
America Ferrer
In the Vein Of:
The Rookies
Author Bio:
Semifinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021 In my thirty great years in law enforcement I worked many assignments, some were movie details. It got me to meet directors and movies stars. A 60 second movie envison can be viewed on Youtube at:

Contest Results:
Atlanta (Semifinalist, Semifinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021) [2021]