It's 2084. Several states have seceded in the USA and formed the United Socialist Republic. A brilliant, rebellious freedom-loving student experiences what life would be like when he resists the tolitarian regime.

Synopsis: 2084 The Story opens on December 2, 2083 at Freedom University in New York City, a bastion of extreme liberal thought and teaching where a debate is about to take place between liberal Professor Miles Belkin, the UN Chairman of the International World Peace Movement and John Martin, a conservative columnist and Editor of the National Republic, a conservative publication. The topic of the debate is: Will the Elimination of US Aggression Assure World Peace in 2084? Media presence is extensive.

Belkin's message that the US has been the enemy of the world due to its blatant history of innate aggression is well received by the student audience. They're whipped up into a frenzy by Belkin as they chant, "We'll live in peace; not die it war." When it's Martin's time to speak they shout him down, and refuse to let him talk. Several students rush onto the stage, rip the microphone from him and throw him from the stage onto the floor below. He's knocked unconscious, suffers severe head wounds and is hospitalized in a coma. A flashback occurs while he's in that medical condition.

It's a Flashback to 2063. The scene is in the Nursing Ward of a Government Hospital. Microchips are being inserted in the brains of all newly born, male babies, including John Martin, as a means of eliminating their future male aggressiveness which the government believes will prevent them from fighting in future wars. Their policy is if their country is peaceful,other nations will not fear it and therefore will not have a reason to ever engage them in armed conflict.

Martin's microchip is rejected, making him a potential enemy of the State. He's placed into the Non-Compliant government category and is earmarked as "potentially dangerous." He'll be monitored via his microchip by Central Control in Washington for the remainder of his life. Martin is among numerous other non-compliants who have infected microchips. If untreated, within a year it will become cancerous. He was informed that he will not be treated within the year. He must find a way to get medical treatment within that time period or he will die. An elderly neighbor, a retired government engineer who Martin has been close to, is critical of the government. He informs Martin about the Freedom Alliance, an underground group in the United American States that will assist dissidents from the United Socialist Republic to escape and enter their country. He provides Martin with a special Freedom Alliance transmission code and contact number, for Martin to use so he can enter the United America States and get the medical treatment to cure his cancer.

Martin, is now an adult, the valedictorian of his senior class in college. He's brilliant and rebellious. He openly and fearlessly questions authority. During a class session, a college professor is unable to convince the class that his flattering, untrue, perspective of the government is a reality when Martin confronts him and disagrees with him. When the class sides with Martin, the teacher claims Martin has incited an insurrection and demands his confinement to a psychiatric hospital. Later that day, Martin is incarcerated in a Psychiatric Hospital for Attitude Readjustment. He meets other dissidents, including Rabbi Silverman who is reportedly a leader of the Freedom Alliance. Martin befriends him and the doctor who developed his microchip many years ago. The doctor had been subsequently arrested for turning against the government. He takes Martin under his wing and tells Martin that he must get to Phoenix, Arizona where his doctor friend and colleague who is an authority on cancerous microchip issues would treat him. .

Martin cleverly manipulates the hi-tech equipment and psychological coercive mechanisms he's forced to confront to determine if he's trusted to be released. He convinces the hospital authorities and the Release Board that he's now on their same ideological page. He'll be released to the Youth Brigade Program in which he will work as an undercover government agent to inform on academics who are not towing the party line. He will have a one month grace period before he begins the new program. In order to avoid involvement with their plan, Martin must get to Phoenix within the next thirty days.

Martrin's father, a truck driver, arranges a job transfer to Memphis. They move and make contact with the Freedom Alliance near Memphis. With their assistance, after several challenging attempts to escape, they finally make it into the United American States and to the Phoenix Hospital. Martin meets with the designated female doctor and undergoes successful microchip surgery. While under anesthesia, Martin dreams the United Socialist Republic's 2084 UN World Peace Movement is underway. Stadiums in New York, Boston and Philadelphia are filled with thousands of liberal media personnel, union workers, peace protesters etc. to celebrate the event.

The Asian Federation Minister appears on the President's TV screen, unannounced, during a high level cabinet meeting and on Jumbatron TV's in the stadiums, simultaneously. He tells the President his country, the United Socialist Republic is surrounded and will be leveled to the ground unless he informs his countrymen to surrender. He then blows up and kills all of the workers in the various stadiums, concurrently.

When Martin regains consciousness, he's in the hospital in New York. He realizes it's all been a dream. Professor Belkin is there to greet him.

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Brad Pitt
Anthony Hopkins
Glenn Close
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Curriculum Vitae John J. Maffucci Education: Graduated Fordham College 1953 BSS Sociology Masters Degree, Sociology, Fordham University Graduate School 1959 New York Film Academy-Screenwriters Workshop Military: Honorable Discharge U.

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