At the Sound of the Tone

A murderer's voice on her answer machine sends a frightened young architect to a seasoned and troubled Apache policeman to investigate. Will they catch him before she becomes the next target?

Architect Annabel McCurdy is at the top of her game, until a killer's voice keeps leaving his confession on her answering machine. The calls are becoming more frequent and more menacing: "I think I killed her." "Help me." Is it related to her ex-husband’s jealousy or her late father’s list of enemies among Arizona's rich and powerful?

Desperate, she turns to Lucas Still Waters, a taciturn detective with a hero’s commendation and a tenuous connection with his Apache family on the reservation. A loner, Lucas likes to operate off the grid and sometimes out of bounds. Rejecting electronic devices, he uses unorthodox means, including his blind aunt's acute listening skills to focus on the voice of the man that stalks Annabel. When the clues point to his memories of a family assault and a Native American victim, he becomes obsessed with tracking the killer.

The calls come more frequently and suggest a meeting. Can he find the killer before he strikes again, and will the hunt take Lucas and Annabel back to painful events that both of them have tried to overcome?

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Benicio Del Toro
Kate Mara
Edward Norton
In the Vein Of:
Phone Booth
Someone is Watching Me
Author Bio:
High school social studies teacher and former newspaper/magazine columnist

Writing credits include educational testing materials and 3 unproduced screenplays

Contest Results:
American Screenwriting (Semifinalist) [2003]
Hollywood's Next Success (Quarterfinalist) [2002]