A gentle teenage Neanderthal living in the remote mountains of modern-day Montana falls in love with the daughter of a redneck rancher and discovers his calling in the rodeo. But, in order to achieve his dreams, he must defy his father, leave his clan, and defend himself against an accusation of murder.

In a remote area of modern-day Montana, Jeda Arakun, a young Neanderthal, is accused by his clan of the brutal murder of a local rancher, Andrew Turner. His chief accuser: Ko’or Arakun, his father. To defend himself, Jeda telepathically shares with the clan all of his memories concerning Turner. These memories reveal a boy’s coming of age struggle through two worlds, one of suffocating control, and the other filled with beckoning temptations and vicious racism. They also describe how, with the help of his maternal grandparents, Gabra and Laso Komasta, and his Native-American best friend, Thomas Strong-Arms, Jeda follows his dream to become a world-class rodeo star and win the girl he loves, Lynn Turner, Andrew’s daughter.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Elijah Wood
Liam Neeson
Scarlett Johansson
In the Vein Of:
Forrest Gump
Dances with Wolves
Big Fish
Author Bio:
2005 graduate of UCLA TFT's MFA Program in Screenwriting. Grad. of UCLA TFT's Advanced Prof. Program in Screenwriting, 2001. Teaching Assistant to Disney screenwriter Dee Caruso in UCLA's Department of Theater, Film and Television Summer Screenwriting Program, 2000. AFI's Screenwriting Course of Study, 1998. Consulting Producer/Writer, Cohen Brown Picture Company, Los Angeles, CA. Consulting Producer on L. A. Dreams, a 14-episode documentary series on the lives of Chinese foreign students in America, at Palette Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

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Contest Results:
Breckenridge (First Place, Bloodlines) [2002]
Red Inkworks (First Place, Bloodlines) [2002]
IndieProducer iP (Finalist, Bloodlines) [2002]
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