Attachment In (Pilot)

An ancient being is summoned to fight an evil entity but first both have to attach within a human body at birth, grow up and navigate life before meeting in an epic battle where winner takes all.

TEASER: A montage of violence ends with Ted Bundy talking about his entity shortly before his execution. Upon his death, the executioner (a higher soul watcher) notices a large mass that others cannot see and calls the Shaman elect (a black woman named Elena) who tells her to send out "the dream". Outside the prison, death revelers gather to celebrate including a pregnant woman named Tandy who cannot see the entity's large mass that dives into her belly, breaks her water and forces her collapse where she is then trampled by an angry frat boy.

ACT ONE: An ambulance takes Tandy to a nearby hospital where she dies after giving birth. Warned by the wind that the newborn boy is special, a creepy, old Administrator reaches out to a wealthy businessman on the west coast named John Stagler and his trophy wife Betty. Meanwhile, the dream sent by the watcher finds a hippy-ish couple named Sam and June (who is pregnant) and propels them into an astral dream that introduces them to Elena and warns them of the entity's possible destruction unless they intervene.

ACT TWO: June and Sam decide to take up the dream offer and travel to Whidbey Island to find Elena. Elena gives them a lengthy lesson on what the Attachment is and how it can get rid of the entity. Sam is hesitant but relents and they sign the contract.

ACT THREE: John and Betty travel to Florida to adopt Tandy's baby. Afraid that someone will know he's sterile, John pays to have the child (named Adam) listed as his real son on the birth certificate then eliminates the Administrator and the hospital to destroy any evidence indicating otherwise.

ACT FOUR: Sam and June start the attachment process by taking part in a feast, a cleansing ceremony and a final wish directive for their next life. As the spiritual crowd gathers, Sam and June walk under a large cloud near the full moon. Deep inside the full moon (a scientific observatory from another plane) Jazeira and her husband Zatumolus make love until their commander (a goddess named Juno) stops them and dispatches them to their duty stations as the crowd below works their magic. Jazeira thinks it's only a drill, while Zatumolus wants her assignment due to their past with the entity. Elena and the crowd manipulate physics which draws Jazeira from her body into a lightning bolt that strikes into Juno's belly. The force of the attachment kills Sam and leaves Juno alive long enough to give birth to Eve.

ACT FIVE: The souls of June and Sam travel up Whidbey Island where Sam is reborn as a girl in a house of intellect and June is reborn as a boy to a stubborn Marine and his delicate wife.... the stage is set.

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TV Pilot
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I love the movies so when my high school drama teacher suggested I write instead of act (I kept changing the lines) I took her advice. However, back in the eighties, it was hard to get a screenplay read so I took a break to gain true life experience by writing a small town golf column, fighting wildfires, trying every sport imaginable, working in an ER, boating, playing drums in several bands and oil painting until I realized what was missing and that was my original passion with screenwriting so I started again and this time, I'm here to stay.

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