Your Own Personal Haunting

Compelled to live in a house that terrifies him, a damaged man with OCD befriends a live-embracing trans man to help him confront spirits and unravel the mysteries of his troubled life

Compelled to rent an unsettling house in the country, an emotionally damaged man with OCD explores his past looking for answers to his current broken life. Befriending an effervescent trans man who has a history with the house, the two work to make unravel the apparitions and visions that prowl the house and surrounding land.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Cillian Murphy
Elliot Page
Casey Affleck
In the Vein Of:
The Invitation (2015)
We Go On (2016)
They Look Like People (2015)
Author Bio:
Dale Luckwitz is a writer of horror screenplays and youth fiction fascinated by the intersection of humor, fear and social consciousness. With a history of sampling unusual jobs, Dale has been employed to disassemble medical equipment, proofread pornographic catalogs, summarize trade articles on biotechnology and women's fashion, ghost write white papers on eco-business practices, and water outdoor plants. Dale was managing editor for one of the last small newspapers, senior editor for a global news organization, and has operated his own an antiques business and taught English and communications at high school and college levels.

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Contest Results:
Horror Hotel (Honorable Mention) [2021]
Stage 32 New Blood (Quarterfinalist) [2021]