Emerald Green Eyes

The top world governments will stop at nothing to destroy the reincarnated emerald green-eyed superheroes and their elixir that stops, cures and prevents all diseases known to mankind.

The Master of The Universe … also referred to as The Giver and The Creator … creates Universes and Worlds. The Creator brings into being our world and designs Angels, Animal Souls, and everything else. Angels and animal souls must do the will of The Creator. The Master of The Universe asks the Angels should he create human souls in his image, to dwell on this world? … only one angel said yes; that one is Satan. The Giver puts Satan on this world to be the evil inclination to give human souls free choice ... to be able to choose between blessings or curses. The end game is The Master of the Universe desires, along with Satan, to witness the righteous transformation of the mortal souls. One last thing; The Giver creates powerful reincarnating mystics and emerald green-eyed superheroes to help human souls when in need.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Amber Heard
Robert Pattinson
Colin Farrell
In the Vein Of:
The Champions
Star Wars
Author Bio:
“Anything you wish for ... can come true.” Lyric from the song Rows performed by Mew. After my spiritual death, the miracle of transformation manifested itself in me. I have embarked on a journey of exploration and adventure. This June, sitting in my house of worship, the story of Emerald Green Eyes was betrothed to me by my Creator. ... a spiritual awaking was now firmly planted and took root in my physical world. By the grace of The Giver .

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