A disgraced security expert who lost his family wanders the Caribbean islands on his boat as a criminal fixer for the underworld, until he's given a job as head of security at an isolated luxury resort on Olympus Island. He discovers an underground medical clinic, a cover for a criminal operation making illegal designer babies for wealthy guests. He's forced to escape the island, protecting the lives of two women and and an unborn child -- his own.


On the surface, the Olympus Resort and Health Spa is a vacation hotel on an isolated Caribbean island, catering to the super rich like a luxury retreat for the gods. But...

Deep underground is a secret medical clinic that uses illegal genetic technology to provide wealthy couples and mothers with a reproductive miracle...the perfect designer baby.

A maverick fixer who wants to end his life of crime is lured by the sexy, manipulative CEO of the Olympus Resort to take a supposedly legitimate job as security chief on the island. He discovers a darker side to the resort, torn between his conscience and his role in its nefarious operation.

Inevitably, he has to fight for his life and the survival of two totally opposite women...and the life of a child.


BOGIE (40’s), a ruggedly handsome yachtsman, was once a successful security expert until he lost his beloved family and spiraled downward into the life of a wandering seaman and a “cleaner” for criminals. All he cares about now is seeking solace in solitude and booze on his 30-foot motorboat.

A reluctant hero, Bogie is forced by his sense of ethics and survival to protect two women and take a stand against greed and amorality, ultimately finding his own redemption.

NATALYA (30’s), the beautiful, ruthless CEO of the Olympus Corporation, has no ethics whatsoever. She’ll stop at nothing to preserve her wealth, power and sexual dominance.

Bogie’s one Achilles’ Heel, Natalya is the only woman he’s ever fallen in love with since his deceased wife. But she’s a lying, calculating manipulator, using Bogie’s desire for her to control him and force him to do her bidding.

BIJOU (20), a naive but perceptive Haitian maid on the resort staff, is a source of valuable information for Bogie. She’s drawn to him, not out of love but for her own salvation.

Moved by her need to mother a child, Bogie befriends Bijou and protects her. Their primal connection is family: she can’t have a family because she’s sterile, and he’s lost his family. In times of trouble, Bijou becomes his closest ally.

GLORIA (late 30’s), a hotel guest and clandestine client at Olympus, is in the prenatal stage of the “Mumm Procedure”. Alienated from her controlling husband, she becomes part of Bogie’s mission to uncover the operation underground...until she seduces him and plunges him into deeper trouble.

A promiscuous tramp who’s been married five times, Gloria proves to be more trouble than she’s worth, as she bears Bogie’s unexpected child and changes his life forever.

SPIRO (40’s), a compulsive, violent ex-security chief whose job Bogie takes over on the island, is Natalya’s personal enforcer. Ex-Special Forces, Spiro follows her orders with murderous efficiency, harboring a twisted resentment toward Bogie, determined to undermine him.

INSPECTOR BOND (30’s), a diligent Bahaman homicide cop from Nassau, has long suspected Bogie in the cold-case murder of a local policeman. Bogie is innocent, but Bond hounds him like an obsessive Inspector Javert out of “Les Miserables”, determined to nail him for a very old crime. A formidable enemy who later turns into an unexpected ally.

DR. GREGORY MUMM (60’s), an eccentric, self-absorbed British head physician, is the designer of the “Mumm Procedure” for clients who pay millions for the perfect child.

A genetics genius who believes in his dream project with self-righteous zeal, Dr. Mumm is too focused on his work to notice the cover-ups of a crooked enterprise that controls him and blinds him to the fact that his procedure is flawed.


“THE FUTURE”. John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you make other plans.” What happens when you have no plans, when someone else’s plans happen to you?

That’s the plight of Bogie, a fixer turned fugitive in an extreme fight-or-flight crisis. In Season One, Gloria’s pregnancy awakens a deep need inside him to be a father again since the loss of his family, to protect this new baby.

He has to reconcile his complicated relationship with two women, Bijou and Gloria two halves of the best and worst of motherhood. Above all, he has to stay in control and keep his new “family” alive. They’re hunted fugitives now.

Like the pilot, Season One unfolds out of sequence. The first episode begins nine months later on the idyllic, sparsely populated island of Anafi. In the seaside guest cottage of Bijou’s Haitian friends...

Bogie watches Gloria give birth to a beautiful baby girl. Bijou acts as her midwife. Ironically, neither of them is Bogie’s lover, nor an ideal mate like his his wife Vanessa. It’s taken Bogie nine months to accept this bizarre reality and adapt to it.

The baby’s name is APHRODITE, after the goddess of love and fertility. Bogie holds her, soothing her cries, transformed by the experience. He’s the accidental father of a newborn, a daughter whose very existence is reason enough for him to carry on and preserve this strange “family”.

Dr. Mumm, now called “Gregory”, has accepted his failure as a scientist and his forced retirement. He’s a fugitive like the others. He can never go back to Olympus Island, knowing what he knows now, let alone survive there.

He tends the garden at the guest house, making homegrown baby food for Aphrodite, welcoming this non-genetically designed but biologically perfect infant like a doting grandpa.

By now friends with him, Bogie realizes the Mumm Procedure may actually work in the future. Gregory’s intentions were right, his dream of designer babies a foreseeable reality. Only his methods were wrong, or at least not yet perfected.

Bogie wishes they could right the wrongs...the Olympus clinic is still in business, still using Gregory’s flawed procedure. But all they can do now is stay low and stay alive.

“THE PAST”. Escape or die! The sea hunt is on, where we left off at the end of the pilot. Far out in the Caribbean Sea, Lady Fujimo surges through choppy waters -- surrounded by Olympus cruisers in the dead of night. Spiro’s chase boats narrow in on her. So do lightning-lit storm clouds...

Bogie steers into the storm to chance Mother Nature over his pursuers. Bijou and Gloria batten down hatches, his amateur crew. Dr. Mumm is too crazed by despair to be of any use.

On the lead Olympus cruiser, Spiro wants to keep up the chase. But the captain orders all boats to steer clear of the storm. Weather reports are bad, this oncoming storm a killer. Their target boat won’t make it through anyway.

Thunder and lightning. Huge waves toss Lady Fujimo about like surly giants. She nearly flounders and capsizes. Bogie fights the wheel, his passengers huddled in the flooded bay. Man versus Nature, Bogie like an obsessed Captain Ahab.

By daybreak, the storm subsides. Lady Fujimo is damaged but still afloat. She’s completely alone at sea, not a single pursuit vessel in sight. Bogie has temporarily won the game against Natalya, Spiro and his security army. He heads for the nearest island for repairs.

Bijou proves to be a seaworthy shipmate. Not Gloria, a spoiled rich girl who’s not acclimated to stinking latrines, sea rations and the toil of life on a 30-foot boat. She complains constantly, using her pregnant state to distract all of Bogie’s attention. Survival at sea brings out the best and worst in people. Bogie sees a difference between tough, resilient Bijou and insecure, demanding Gloria.

At one point, Gregory Mumm goes insane with grief over his failed dream project. He can’t cope with total loss. He jumps overboard and tries to drown himself. Bogie dives over to save him, forcing him back on the boat. He’s strapped with a new responsibility: guarding over a suicide case.

On a repair island, they camp on a beach near a fishing town. Bogie shops for new rigging and fixes his boat. Every time he goes into town, he risks discovery, a bounty on his head. Suddenly, a dark shadow closes in on him...

Inspector Bond with his arrest warrant. Out of all of Bogie’s enemies, only this diehard Bahaman cop manages to track him down over an old murder charge. Bogie insists he didn’t kill that damn Nassau cop. But maybe he knows who did. How would he know that? wonders Bond. Because he was the one who disappeared the corpse. It was just another fixer job. He never killed anyone in his life.

That makes sense to Bond who remembers the tarp in Bogie’s hands from the security photo. Then, who did kill him?

That fucking Russian bitch Natalya, replies Bogie. It’s a total lie, he doesn’t know who hired him. But he’s desperate to frame the woman who turned his life into a total shit show. The Inspector doesn’t buy it. Can he prove it? Thinking fast, Bogie realizes something. He can prove something much more important, his last trump card...

He escorts the Inspector to his boat by the beach hideout. Gloria, Bijou and Gregory scatter out of sight. Bogie shows Bond what he has stashed in his bay...

The cadaver of a stillborn mutant, frozen in the ice cooler. The only evidence that would expose Natalya and the Olympus Corporation for crimes against humanity. This is a much bigger case to the Inspector, Bogie argues, something that could promote his police career.

Bond considers that, but they can’t fight an all-powerful crook like Natalya. She has an army of lawyers. To convince him otherwise, Bogie drags out Gregory, the inventor of the Mumm Procedure. He makes him explain his flawed operation of designer babies that the Olympus Corporation continues to exploit to this day. This frozen fetus is proof of that.

Bond, a devout Catholic, is horrified -- this is an outrage against God! Bogie nods, exactly. He wins himself an ally.

Bond needs to take this evidence to the Nassau police. They arrange to load the ice cooler onto the Inspector’s boat. The old murder charge can wait, this case more critical to Bond. Bogie is free to go.

Bogie sets course for Anafi Island, their final destination. He’s not quite prepared to spend nine months seeing Gloria through her pregnancy to full term while evading assassins. Gloria is a bundle of trouble and misguided emotions. By comparison, Bijou is a comfort. They all finally reach...

Anafi Island, a tiny paradise. Primitive, but a well-hidden refuge. Their safe port. Their new home.

“THE PRESENT”. The character dynamics between Bogie, Gloria and Bijou change in the course of raising a child in hiding.

Gloria, the tramp divorcee, falls darkly in love with Bogie. She loves her baby, but she can never get over her insecurity with men. She needs a strong-hearted partner to help her raise Aphrodite. She grows possessive of Bogie, jealous of his close friendship with Bijou.

By contrast, the young Haitian girl is more mature, accepting Bogie as the loner he is. Because of her barren womb, Bijou lives vicariously through Aphrodite’s upbringing, determined to mother a child that’s not her own.

Bogie could never be in love with either of them. But he is in love with Aphrodite, ready to be a father again and redeem himself for past sins. In upcoming episodes, he changes dramatically with both hopeful and dire consequences...

Natalya and her Olympus soldiers track down Bogie on Anafi Island, while Gloria, Bijou and Aphrodite are shopping on another island. Spiro tries to torture him into confessing Gloria’s whereabouts. Bogie refuses to give in.

Natalya offers him a deal: return to Olympus Island and run security as he was hired to do, then she’ll spare his life.

Bogie concedes to that, on the condition that Gregory goes with him and resumes his role as head physician. The Mumm Procedure needs to be perfected to guarantee its success.

For the sake of his child, Bogie does what’s necessary to protect her. He goes back to the Luxury Resort From Hell, resigned to being a fixer and a sex slave to a monster.

Medical mishaps and cover-ups still occur in the underground clinic, but a revitalized Dr. Mumm improves his procedure. He actually does perfect it, securing the future of genetics and redeeming himself. But by now it’s too late...

Rumors and word of mouth have spread among wealthy clients: bad things have happened on that island. The Olympus Resort and Health Spa is doomed to fail and shut down.

In Bogie’s absence, Gloria, Bijou and Aphrodite flee to a new island. The two women reconcile their differences, Gloria learning from Bijou how to be a good mother. But a high-priced reward hangs over Gloria’s head. She’s doomed...

Gloria is captured by Spiro -- who rapes and murders her.

Bijou escapes the island with Aphrodite to raise her as an adopted mother, inheriting the child she could never have.

Bogie learns of Gloria’s demise. His mind snaps. During a sex session with Natalya in her penthouse, he savagely beats her to a bloody pulp, leaving her naked and broken. Natalya swears violent revenge for this. No forgiveness, no mercy.

Spiro goes after Bogie with all his Special Forces skills. Bogie outwits him and lures him alone to a secluded cove. In a battle to the death, he drags Spiro through coral-reef shallows and drowns him with his bare hands. His first act of murder. Bogie finally escapes Olympus Island for good.

In Nassau, Inspector Bond secures a search warrant to investigate the Olympus Resort and Health Spa. But as he heads for his docked police boat, the ice cooler on board, mercenaries from Spiro’s security team swarm the dock. They close relentlessly in on him...

The Inspector disappears from sight, his fate unknown. The ice cooler with the frozen fetus disappears with him.

Bogie sails home to Bijou and Aphrodite who wait for him on a new hideout island. In a final reunion, he sweeps them both into his arms. Bogie and Bijou seem to have a future together...if they can stay alive that long.

No resolution is in sight. All that matters to Bogie is the survival of his child and her adopted mother whom he’s learned to love. He finally gets what he wants too, but always at great risk and in constant danger... Always together. Always on the run.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
a young Colin Farrell type
30's Charlize Theron
Lupita N'yongo
In the Vein Of:
Breaking Bad (AMC)
Ray Donovan
Author Bio:
ANTON DIETHER is the writer of the Hallmark TV miniseries Moby Dick, the highest-rated long-form show in basic cable history, nominated for five Emmys and two Golden Globe Awards; ABC-TV miniseries Cleopatra; and Hallmark miniseries Stranded. Anton developed Beauty and the Beast for Fox, Land of Oz for Disney, Gold Fever for Phoenix Pictures, Operation Greylord for Showtime, Lost At Sea for TNT; currently Gang of Dreams TV miniseries for Little Studio Films, The Revolt for Revolt Prods, Taj Mahal for Threshold Ent.

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