Glorious Revolution

2056: a new world order. Four prisoners attempt to escape execution by exploiting the judge's weakness for one of them.

In order to save the Earth from reckless consumerism and runaway climate change, the militant section of the Green movement installs a coordinated world-wide dictatorship.

17 years into the dictatorship there are some among the ruled population who refuse to live in subterranean communes. Four of these are captured and face execution for violating the Earth’s surface.

During the trial, it becomes obvious the Judge, who is incognito, is stalling the execution of one of them: Tracy.

The question of whether or not to execute Tracy goes on for days until the question is put to rest when the Judge wins over the Elite in favour of sparing her.

However, the other three prisoners are not so lucky and are destined for the "Frying Pan".

Once Tracy is set free, she attempts to save them. She becomes a proxy for the battle of minds between the Judge and Geraldi, an elderly head-strong prisoner, who, realising she has inordinate influence over the Judge, coaches her on how to pressure the Judge to spare them.

The Judge and Tracy have several meetings. In one of them the Judge gives the reason for sparing Tracy's life: unknown to her, she had once saved the Judge's life.

Eventually the prisoners have their sentences commuted to life – Geraldi excepted, as he is accused of being the Great Denier, the regime’s most despised renegade.

Tracy tries to save Geraldi's life by providing evidence he is not the Great Denier. Eventually, by dint of her proven inability to lie even if it means her life, she succeeds.

But Geraldi is not satisfied with his life-sentence and pressures Tracy to plan his escape.

Geraldi escapes and Tracy is sentenced to immediate death by a substitute judge. However, some of the Elite rebel. When joined by two of the most influential Elite, Tracy is spared the "Frying Pan".

The last scene shows Geraldi is the Great Denier.

Though self-standing, Glorious Revolution, is actually the first of two screenplays (the sequel, provisionally titled Glorious Counter-Revolution, is incomplete). Some of the projected sequel's strands will be the capture of the Judge by counter-revolutionary forces, Tracy’s despairing attempts to save the Judge and Tracy meeting her long-lost father. But central is Tracy’s confliction over whether to support the Judge’s regime forces or stand with her father, Geraldi and the counter-revolutionists.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Actress (young)
Actor aged c.45
Arabic actress aged c.30
In the Vein Of:
Mad Max (1979)
1984 (novel)
Fahrenheit 451 (novel)
Author Bio:
I'm a happily unproduced screenwriter.

I've been writing screenplays proper since 2007 and can showcase (as at April 2021) nine of them.

I would love to have one of my screenplays produced, but several factors have to come together for this to happen. In the meantime, I keep writing and this very act makes me happy.

However, since completing my latest, Howlingween 4: Beastly Mist, I've had six false starts, because each of the storylines lacked sufficient emotional investment on my part to carry them beyond the beginning.

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