A famed Hollywood actor produces and stars in an Off-Broadway musical about his idle – the acclaimed, world renowned but long forgotten musical hall entertainer, Sir Harry Lauder. A biographical musical extravaganza. All music public domain.

Aiden Dunlap, a successful and popular Hollywood/Broadway actor has decided to produce and star in an Off Broadway musical about his idle: the world-acclaimed, Scottish music hall entertainer and show business legend – Sir Harry Lauder.

Speaking to a symposium of theatre students and Broadway professionals, he outlines his reasons, as a man of the theatre, for mounting this production: • Lauder was the most famous entertainer in the world in his day, • He was the highest paid entertainer in show business, • He was the first international super star, • He became a star of stage, screen and radio, • He survived tragic personal life experiences.

Dunlap also discusses the financial risks of producing and starring in his own show. He is confident, but concerned, about how the play will be received. But Dunlap is determined; the Harry Lauder story deserves to be told.

Moving on to the Opening Night, Dunlap interacts with his director, crew, fellow actors, dresser, make-up lady and his husband, Brian Standish.

Awaiting his bagpipe entrance off stage, Dunlap transforms from his affable, low key persona into the dynamic, energetic and charismatic performer that was Sir Harry Lauder.

The play, “Sir Harry Lauder Tonight” is then performed and filmed in front of a live audience. The show contains all the Harry Lauder signature tunes and displays his phenomenal onstage personality.

The performance of the play is the highlight of the film.

Following the Opening Night curtain, Dunlap retreats to his Greenwich Village apartment to await the theatrical reviews.

There, in the early morning hours, they find the reviews online. The show is a success!

Not surprisingly, they celebrate singing a Harry Lauder song.

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Jim Saunders is a New York City-based professional writer, playwright, optioned screenplay writer and multiple contest winner. He has many years’ experience writing stage presentations, corporate films and multimedia projects; also a director and occasional actor.


Jim specializes in screenplays based on historical true events (including musicals), bio/pics and/or disasters. In alphabetical order:

“BOJANGLES, EUBIE AND BERT!” Three Black musical legends of the past – Bert Williams, Eubie Blake and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – relive their show business success in spite of racism and theatrical bigotry.

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Golden Script Competition (Quarterfinalist) [2019]