Mephisto's Protege

When your guardian angel may be the Devil’s agent and you’re a nice guy wrongly accused and imprisoned for life; revenge is a compelling game plan.

A 6-episode miniseries... This gothic, psychological thriller explores the themes of love, trust, the nature of revenge and ultimately, what constitutes reality. 19th Century, Germany: MEPHISTO, is determined to protect his beloved 5-year-old son, RYAN from the boy’s malevolent mother. While ADORNI appeared to die, he’s unsure that he won the battle, so Mephisto ‘parks' Ryan in the 21st Century - California... it turns out to be a poor choice... Ryan, unaware of his true heritage and identity, and adopted by a wealthy industrial magnate, has grown to be a talented young man. Unlike his adoptive father, FRANK STONE, Ryan is one of the ‘new bloods’ in the business and technological world – smart and savvy but with a social conscience. When suddenly given control of Frank's company - INFERTRONICS INC. Ryan along with his blind, stepsister MEREDITH, see an opportunity to steer the company into a cleaner, greener future, via renewables. But that’s not what FRANK STONE had in mind. Behind his affable smile he’s running scared and looking for a scapegoat. While Frank's been busy manufacturing electronics for armaments for the US Government, he's also been pre-selling to the Russians and the Middle East Islamic block on the black market. He’s lying to them about being ‘being behind in production’ -- he hasn’t manufactured anything, and the Russians are about to pay a visit to collect their merchandise. While Meredith is trusting of her adoptive parents, Ryan is suspicious of Frank’s motives. He quietly detests Frank and he's right to be concerned – his and Meredith's life are at stake. Frank and his golfing cronies - the DA, the Mayor and the ‘Good Doctor', toy with the idea of shuttering the business until the Russians give up and go away and at the same time, getting rid of Ryan and Meredith - turning them into test subjects at the ‘Good Doctor’s’ medical facility; never to be seen or heard of again. While the immortal Mephisto has at his command, super-natural powers, he’s horrified at the thought of Ryan being harmed. But Mephisto dare not reveal his or Ryan’s true identity and location, lest Adorni find them. Mephisto also feels constrained in his ability to protect and guide his beloved son because it's becoming clear that Ryan has the potential to become as ruthless and violent as his adoptive father, Frank. It's time to put Ryan’s character to the test and Mephisto concocts a plan of his own. He sets out to teach Ryan a painful lesson - one that will take them both ‘down the rabbit-hole’. But this isn’t some quaint, adventure into Wonderland.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Ben Barnes
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Eleanor Tomlinson
In the Vein Of:
A Million Little Pieces
A History of Violence
Eyes Wide Shut
Author Bio:
Diana’s prior work in science remains a driving force in her screenwriting career - insatiable curiosity and a passion to explore - character. Main focus is the Drama genre, exploring the complex relationship between parent and offspring. The sub-genre - Thriller, provides the basis for the narrative arc. Strengths include creative world-building, empathy, and a highly committed work ethic.

Contest Results:
People's Pilot (Semifinalist) [2017]
Shore Scripts Pilot (Quarterfinalist) [2017]