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Pebbles on the Beach

As a school-boy kicks a pebble along a magical beach he's mesmerized by an apparition which materializes into the girl of his dreams. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Patricia Poulos     [Contact Author]
Format: Short Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: a young Rachel McAdams type
A young Warren Beatty type
Sally Field
In the Vein Of: Sabrina

Posted: 08/27/2016
Updated: 11/10/2018
Author Bio: Screenwriter (2013 - present) Five Finalist-nominated Screenplays. Winner 2018 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Finalist 2018 God Country Family Christian Film Festival Winner 2017 Christian International Film Festival Winner (4th) Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards November 2015. Author/Publisher four non-fiction books (1990 - 2009) Publisher/Editor 'Profiler' Magazine series (1999-2007) . Director - Law Firm - Litigation Specialist 2007 - 2013. Mastering all with which she is entrusted: Medicine (first triage), Law (her own legal practice), Manufacturer (largest Stainless Steel manufacturing plant) Engineering (seven-year Government Grant), Twice-nominated (runner-up) Bulletin/Qantas Businesswoman of the Year, Singing (Coloratura trained at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music in the class of Joan Sutherland). "The most fearless, prophetic champion of our time." (Roger Scott, Finance Editor, The Sun Herald)

Contest Results: Christian Screenplay (First Place, Best Script, Best Writer, Fan ) [2017]
Hollywood Moving Pictures (First Place, Finalist til Awards Night 2019) [2018]
Los Angeles Independent (First Place) [2015]
Austin Revolution (Semifinalist) [2017]
Cinequest (Quarterfinalist) [2016]
Action On Film (Finalist) [2014]
Writers and Filmmakers (Finalist) [2013]
WriteMovies (Finalist) [2013]
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Finalist) [2013]
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist) [2013]
Peachtree Village (Finalist) [2013]