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A single mother struggles to balance a business and a new romance with family life when her young adult daughter's bizarre behavior is diagnosed as schizophrenia. She must choose between the love of her life and the life of her child. Inspired by actual events. Synopsis

Written by: Susan Klos     [Contact Author]    Interview
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
In the Vein Of: A Beautiful Mind
Silverlinings Playbook
inspired by true events
Posted: 05/08/2015
Updated: 04/29/2018
Contest Results: Seventh Dimension (First Place, Never paid prize money)
Chicago ScriptWorks (First Place, Staged reading)
New Visions (First Place, 2007)
Spec Scriptacular (First Place, 2007)
GAFFERS (First Place, 2005)
Hollywood is Burning (First Place, Drama category)
Hollywood Scriptwriting (First Place, November 2005)
New Hampshire (First Place)
London Independent (First Place)
Another Sleepless Night (Second Place)
Bare Bones (Second Place)
StoryPros International (Finalist)
Get Initiative (Third Place)
Indiefest Chicago (Third Place, 2007)
Red Inkworks (Third Place)
Indie Gathering (Finalist, 4th place)
Hollywood Nexus (Finalist, 4th place)
Nashville Fest (Semifinalist, 2015)
Key West (Finalist)
Open Door/Script Magazine (Finalist)
Acclaim Film (Finalist)
Female Eye (Finalist)
Contest of Contest Winners (Finalist)
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist)
Acclaim TV (Finalist)
Queens (Finalist)
Moondance (Finalist)
BIFF SPC (Finalist)
Great Lakes Fest (Finalist)
Brass Brad (Finalist)
Extreme Feature (Finalist)
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist)
Colorado Fest (Finalist)
Catalina (Finalist)
Oaxaca FilmFest (Finalist)
Fresh Voices Feature (Quarterfinalist)
FilmMakers/Feature (Semifinalist, 15th place)
Canada Fest (Honorable Mention)
Script Savvy (Honorable Mention)
Epiphany (Honorable Mention)
WriteSafe (Honorable Mention)
A Feeding Frenzy (Honorable Mention)