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South Of Main Street

An emotionally challenged dad, who most believe suffers from Post Traumatic Stress, or worse, suddenly must prove hes normal when his caretaker wife dies and his delinquent daughter sues for financial control of the estate. Synopsis

Written by: Robert Gately     [Contact Author]    Interviews
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Dustin Hoffman
Jack Nicholson
Robert De Niro
In the Vein Of: A Christmas Story

Posted: 12/14/2003
Updated: 06/13/2017
Author Bio: Robert has written 2 novels, 2 non-fiction books, 12 screenplays and 3 stage plays in the past 15 years. His body of work has been recognized as finalist or better in over 120 festival, stage, book and screenplay competitions around the world. These placements include novel successes in Faulkner/Wisdom Creative Writing contest, Norumbego Fiction Award, Chesterfield, Writer's Network, Dana Awards, Frontiers in Writing, SFWP (Santa Fe), etc. His screenplays and stage plays combined have won a total alone 19 contests and came in 2nd place in 16 others (e.g., Spirit Quest, Breckenridge, Telluride, Fade In Magazine, Garden State Film Festival, etc.) His short play was produced at the BaCCA Performing Arts Center at a One Act Festival on Long Island, and his longer stage plays won a reading series at Abingdon Theatre in NYC and Ohio State University, and won the stage play categories in the London Film Awards, the Chicago Screenplay Contest, and American Movie Awards. He taught screenwriting 101 at the local community college and was one of the Temple University judges for the Freese Award screenwriting competition. Website:

Contest Results: Spirit Quest (First Place, screenplay version won) [2010]
Script Exposure (First Place, Drama) [2012]
Adapted Screenplay (Quarterfinalist) [2015]
Reel Authors (Finalist) [2012]
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist) [2011]
Extreme Feature (Finalist) [2012]
L.A. Cinema Film Fest (Finalist, summer ) [2010]
SFWP (Finalist, a.k.a Henry's Secret) [2009]
Red Inkworks (Finalist) [2010]
Script Savvy (Finalist, sept. monthly - top 4 scripts) [2010]
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist) [2011]
Waterfront (Finalist) [2011]
Indie Gathering (Finalist, top 10 drama scripts) [2011]
Chesterfield (Semifinalist) [2003]
Free Screenplay (Semifinalist) [2011]
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Semifinalist) [2003]
Screenplay Search (Semifinalist) [2012]
Honolulu (Quarterfinalist, aloha award) [2011]
WriteMovies (Quarterfinalist, wmc-29) [2012]
Philadelphia Screenplay (Honorable Mention) [2011]