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Gargoyles on the Case!

When their friend is kidnapped, common rooftop gargoyles ROCK, SANDY & CHIP embark on an adventure over the rooftops of New York to rescue her from the fiendishly sarcastic, CLAW. In doing so, they discover a whole new world of gargoyle clans, secrets & mysteries in this hilarious family animation.

Written by: John Heavey    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Brad Garrett
Charlize Theron
Joe Pesci (voice)
In the Vein Of: Shrek
Finding Nemo
Posted: 08/16/2018
Updated: 09/03/2018
Author Bio:

Bio/ resume for J W Heavey

John William Heavey 14 Whitburn Road Bedworth Warwickshire CV12 0LT UK +44 (0)7580 803340 Email:

Profile A versatile writer of comedy, drama – true stories and family animation.


"Genghis Khan Untold" or "Precious Warrior" Live action - historical drama screenplay:

Finalist in the 2016 "Beverly Hills Film Festival" (Screenplay category) Finalist in the 2015 "Hollywood Screenplay Contest" Finalist in the 2015 "New York Screenplay Contest" Semi-Finalist 2015 "Courier Screenwriting Awards" Finalist in the 2013/ 2014 "Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest"

“Precious Warrior” has had serious interest for possible production as a multi-part TV drama.

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Contest Results:
Oaxaca FilmFest (Finalist) [2017]
Holiday Screenplay (Finalist) [2016]
New York Screenplay (Finalist) [2015]
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